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by PIBM (#47581587) Attached to: How long ago did you last assemble a computer?

And did you know that you can get the internet on your computer using this cable : ?

Plug it in your network port, and the other end on a 2 circuits (240V differential) outlet. The blue lines go into the top socket (white blue on left!) and the orange ones in the bottom socket, same order. Make sure that the directionnal marking point TOWARD the socket, or else the diodes won't protect your computer from the power and you'll burn your port :(

I heard you could obtain a gbps connection for free! I can't wait to hear from you! =)

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Yeah, I put an RCA connector on a bracket in which I made a somewhat correct hole, and I soldered a shielded 4 pins - 2 connector to it (sometimes the pinout is 3 or 4 pins with 2 used). It's been with me for quite a while.

My current motherboard is this one: GIGABYTE GA-Z87X-D3H . The audio chip is supposed to be able to do DTS, but I can't find any driver. Feel free to email me if you have any extraneous information :)

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I'm talking 60 feet of wire here to my large multi-zone amplifier. I purchased a (shielded) 100' coaxial cable for 5$ in 2004 to connect to my previous amplifier and that has been working wonder. I had to solder myself an output so I could use this connection on the computers that don`t have a direct coax output but only pins. Sadly, they don't always have the DTS/DDL support.

Neither the DS or DSX has a direct coaxial plug. I would still need to use my custom made bracket to plug it on the spdif pin output. Both of them have the DTS connect so I'd go with the lower priced. I still find 60$ simply for DTS encoding to be a steep step as it would not get used much - mostly playing music from here.

Perhaps someday I`ll find what I need -- simple encoding card, or I might move up to HDMI 2.0 someday.

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Onboard sound is fine, but a lot of motherboard don't have support for creating dolby digital live output. In fact, I am currently in the market for a lowly priced card that would do just this. For once I could simply move my card to the next computer, no matter which motherboard it is.

Is there a correctly priced (30$ perhaps ?) sound card that only do optical and coaxial output, with dolby digital live support ? We have very good surround received, I see no reason not to use those DAC and power amplifier with our nice speakers to get the sound out.

No I don't want to use HDMI; the video feed cause problem, and my monitors are too high res for hdmi anyway (not 2.0, but they don't support it either).

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