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Comment: Dropcam (Score 1) 272 272

by PGillingwater (#42930561) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Inexpensive SOHO Crime Deterrence and Monitoring?

I'm surprised no one has mentioned Dropcam yet. Cloud based HD video security monitoring using Wi-Fi enabled cameras, which include audio and motion alerts that send directly to email or Android/iPhone devices.

The video quality is just fine if you include a motion activated light, and it's cheap enough to add three or four of them to cover all entrances (including windows.)

For a basic subscription, it will keep 7 days of video monitoring online, as well as sending you alerts.

As a bonus, it lets you talk back to the camera....

Comment: Ideas of Heaven (Score 1) 532 532

by PGillingwater (#40881753) Attached to: University Receives $5 Million Grant To Study Immortality

People yearning for immortality often tell themselves fictions about how they will survive death. I have started a project to record such fictions in the form of a documentary.

I'm still working on it, but here's the trailer:

Comment: Very interesting Atlantis fiction (Score 1) 1244 1244

H. Warner Munn's "Merlin's Ring", "Merlin's Godson" and especially "The Ship from Atlantis."

Rare, but a worthwhile read, especially the relationship between Gwalchmai and the orichalcum ship of living metal, imbued with the spirit of an ancient Atlantean sorceress.

Comment: Re:Google What Now? (Score 1) 191 191

by PGillingwater (#34088242) Attached to: Google Wave Creator Quits, Joins Facebook

Real world experience? I found this tool was excellent as a collaboration tool for software development and project management. It's great for tracking changes, and documenting implementation details.

I for one, and many of my colleagues will be sad to see Google Wave pass on.

Comment: GPS receiving (Score 1) 253 253

by PGillingwater (#32094474) Attached to: BlackBerry Predicted a Century Ago By Nikola Tesla

Live traffic updates are also one-way. Your GPS system has additional functions which depend either on GSM (as used by GPS-based tracking systems) or simple radio receivers tuned to RBDS services or a Traffic Message Channel (TMC) on FM or DAB.

Functionally, the GPS technology never transmits -- but a device including GPS functionality might also include other technologies to transmit information.

Comment: Superb place to visit (with pics) (Score 5, Informative) 140 140

by PGillingwater (#32076226) Attached to: St. Louis Museum Offers Thrills, Chills, and Lawsuits

I want to add myself to the list of fans of this admirable place....

Here's a set of photos of the St. Louis Museum I took earlier this year.

The experience of climbing the spiral staircase, while listening to live music from the massive pipe organ was almost surreal...

Comment: Maths is fun! (Score 1) 570 570

by PGillingwater (#30154432) Attached to: US Government Using PS3s To Break Encryption

Just a small note to all those clever people who are calculating the time taken to perform an exhaustive keyspace search on the potential passwords.

We should distinguish between the MAXIMUM time taken to exhaust the symbol space, versus the AVERAGE time.

Assuming uniform distribution of passwords through the space, and a sufficiently large sample of challenges, we would naturally expect the time taken to find the correct password to converge on n/2 -- i.e., half of the maximum time.

Thus, if a symbol space can be exhaustively searched in one year, on average, finding passwords with a similar difficulty level will take an average of 6 months, with a typical normal distribution.

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