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Comment: Re:Best Buy lies to consumers (Score 1) 513

by PGGreens (#39632155) Attached to: Best Buy CEO Brian Dunn Resigns After $1.7 Billion Loss
I was helping pick out a laptop for my dad, and the salesman tried to sell me on some anti-virus software. I told him I was just going to set it up with Microsoft Security Essentials. He made some claim about how they were legally required to block no more than 70% of viruses. I don't know if there is any grain of truth in that, but it was a hilarious claim--mostly in that it doesn't make any sense. What is that supposed to even mean? He couldn't really give me an answer beyond that.

Comment: Re:Using Google (Score 1) 299

by PGGreens (#39403485) Attached to: Google Is Planning To Penalize Overly Optimized Sites
Sometimes I use private browsing for this, even if I don't need the privacy part of it, just because it separates the session data. So, I can be logged out of my account in the new window/tab or logged into a different account without logging out of my primary one. Still couldn't tell you about the logging via IP.

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