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Comment: Re:Oil Drilling (Score 1) 165 165

by PFritz21 (#41821195) Attached to: Sweden Imports European Garbage To Power the Nation
We Americans talking about oil drilling (myself included) because we want to stop buying it from countries that hate us, like the Middle East and Venezuela. Our energy policy should be tied national security policy. Honestly, do you think we'd have any business in Saudi Arabia and Iraq if they didn't have any oil? And if you're thinking of playing the Israel card, they do a fine enough job watching out for themselves, so the U.S. doesn't need to be there to protect them.

Comment: Re:How about we start believing in Human Change? (Score 1) 695 695

by PFritz21 (#38038510) Attached to: What is Your position on Climate Change?
How do you do that without consequences in the short-term? I'm worried that putting the environment first will put human lives at risk NOW. 7 billion people need to be fed, clothed, sheltered. We just can't overlook those problems. I do agree that we need to take care of the earth. I just don't want to sacrifice anyone to achieve that goal.

Comment: Re:Any World Series where ther Yankees lose (Score 4, Insightful) 148 148

by PFritz21 (#33694812) Attached to: Bing Crosby, Television Sports Preservationist
Better yet, a World Series where they don't even appear.

Exhibit A: 1991. Minnesota Twins and Atlanta Braves. Five one-run games, three that went to extra innings, including the crown jewels: Game 6, single-handedly won by Hall of Fame Twins center fielder Kirby Puckett, with his leaping catch against the left-center Plexiglas to rob Ron Gant of an extra-base hit and a game-winning home run on a 2-1 changeup from Charlie Leibrandt in the bottom of the 11th. Game 7, a masterful ten-inning shutout pitching performance by Jack Morris, and a game-winning single by pinch hitter Gene Larkin with the bases loaded. I've got both games on VHS. Some say THE greatest World Series ever, and I agree (disclaimer: I am a Minnesota Twins fan).

The defense rests.

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