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The Almighty Buck

+ - SPAM: Can Money Buy Happiness?

Submitted by threejars
threejars writes: Money can’t buy happinessor can it? Recent research by Elizabeth W. Dunn, an associate professor at the University of British Columbia suggests that spending money on certain things, like experiences that bring people together, make you happier.
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Journal: You may receive a Gmail Chat invite from me...

Journal by PDA_Monkey

I figured it would be nice to have some of my slashdot amigos in my gmail quick list since I look at gmail more often than slashdot.

So, if you have a gmail address listed in your slashdot profile and you see an invite from my gmail address and care to occasionally IM, please accept.

If you do not get an invite from me, either I haven't got to you yet or somehow missed that you have a gmail. You are more than welcome to add me first!


Journal: moving on... 1

Journal by PDA_Monkey

I no longer work at Microsoft.

An individual I had met briefly (as he was attempting to steal my client when I was still doing independent tech support) extended an offer of employment to me.

I accepted the offer primarily because the job is closer to my home and because it seems more interesting than what I was doing at MS (which turned out to be different than I was told going into it).


Journal: Car trouble 2

Journal by PDA_Monkey

My car needs a new engine and I owe too much on it to just get a newer car. :(

I have a 1998 Dodge Neon Sport Coupe.
The base Neon engine is a 2.0L SOHC that outputs 132 HP.
The engine in my car is a 2.0L DOHC that outputs 150 HP.
It's a really fun car and it looks pretty nice (IMHO), too.

Linux Business

Journal: Linux Fest Northwest 2005 1

Journal by PDA_Monkey

This year's Linux Fest was another great event. I'm very glad I went!

I wasn't so sure I wanted to go at first because I perceived the organization of this year's fest to be rather poor, but my wife convinced me that we should go. She is the President of FwayLUG, which is a new LUG still too small to have much impact at LFNW, but she wanted to be there anyway.

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