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Comment: Mafia (Score 1) 78

by PC_THE_GREAT (#46711575) Attached to: In-Flight Wi-Fi Provider Going Above and Beyond To Help Feds Spy
The Government seems to become more and more of a mafia, so why continue ranting but still keeping the system the same?

We have enough resources and technology to make a system whereby the entire nation gets to vote/decide on any small decision that gets taken. We can even add a weightage system to it so as experts in the field's opinion get more value.

It is about time that we eliminate that form of central decision making, which instead of working for the people, are indulging into spying on them, under the pretense that it is for your own good.

Comment: They had to do a study to learn that? (Score 1) 179

Either a lot of researchers are really retarded or are living in a different world than me. This has been so obvious after so many years of Quake! No one became violent from this, only those who loses sulks and gets frustrated. That was always the case.

Am amazed at how money is spent in stupid researches like these when these things are pretty obvious. Pffft, I guess when funding is given for researchers, whoever manages to give head to whoever is funding, gets the money. There are so many interesting and worthwhile researches out there that shall benefit humanity more than dumb researches like this, and then you wonder, why bright kids start selling drugs to sponsor their own researches.

Comment: Hormonal issues (Score 1) 710

"In short, Horvath said that she felt she was being treated differently internally simply due to her gender and not the quality of her work. " Pfft chicks and their hormonal issues, they always screw everythings up, from the article, it seems even the boss's wife contributed in making the situation... messy.

According to Horvath: “I met her and almost immediately the conversation that I thought was supposed to be casual turned into something very inappropriate. She began telling me about how she informs her husband’s decision-making at GitHub, how I better not leave GitHub and write something bad about them, and how she had been told by her husband that she should intervene with my relationship to be sure I was ‘made very happy’ so that I wouldn’t quit and say something nasty about her husband’s company because ‘he had worked so hard.’”

That's a face palm!


Comment: Privacy (Score 0) 465

by PC_THE_GREAT (#46416337) Attached to: Apple Refuses To Unlock Bequeathed iPad
The thing is, she has willed the iPad, but she hasn't willed her life, and her accounts. Imagine you willed your computer, this in no way implies for example that you would want your heir to have access to your facebook account and who with whom you've been sleeping with over the past ten or 20 years of your living.

Comment: Re:ANDROID != LINUX (Score 1) 487

by PC_THE_GREAT (#46394229) Attached to: Android Beats iOS As the Top Tablet OS
caseih, I'd say, you really do not know what you are speaking about.

The OS = The Kernel.

The Kernel = Linux

Android runs on top of a Linux kernel to perform its system calls, so i'd say Android is just no more than a shell.

You don't believe me? You don't agree with me? Doesn't matter doesn't change anything.

Am not particular a fan of GPL but credit must be given when it is due. Am happy that Android actually has been released under a lesser restrictive license like Apache though! Way to go google!


+ - defaced->

Submitted by PC_THE_GREAT
PC_THE_GREAT (893738) writes "Apparently The plague (Eugene Belford from the movie Hackers ) defaced (so called self naming “International Council of E-Commerce Consultants" ).
No information is yet out on who did it. But in the recent defacement, the cracker mentionned :
P.S It seems like lots of you are missing the point here, I’m sitting on thousands of passports belonging to LE (and .mil) officials”
Furthermore the defaced website holds a copy of snowden's passport and a letter that the DoD states that snowden has atleast 5 years of experience in infomation security.
Funny thing is that, s/he also sent an email to the eccouncil asking that s/he is requesting to have a go at the ceh exams, and that his/her details are on the eccouncil's website!
More to that, the original article mentions that the IP address that is controlling the DNS for the domain was used earlier this month in an attack on a Flash-based game called Realm of the Mad God. — See more at:"

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Comment: GPL v BSD (Score 1) 1098

by PC_THE_GREAT (#46064105) Attached to: FSF's Richard Stallman Calls LLVM a 'Terrible Setback'
GPL : you are forced to be free there is no other choice ( what kind of freedom is that?) BSD : you want to be free or not up to you, but keep the copyright notice. Seriously if one really thinks about freedom BSD is more about real freedom than GPL. BSD also seems to promote technological advancement whatever the case. Sure some code might not be released :p but if u know it was done with what piece of software one can fill in the blanks. It is the developper's to decide how he gifts his code to the community.

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