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Submission + - 15 Turning Points in Tech History (

snydeq writes: "From Richard Stallman's Xerox hack, to Apple's NeXT acquisition, to XMLHttpRequest, InfoWorld's Neil McAllister details 15 pivotal decisions and paths not taken that have helped shaped today's high-tech landscape. What if U.S. District Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson's decision to split up Microsoft had not been overturned? What if WordPerfect had been quicker to embrace Windows? What if NetWare had made an IP bet? Included are the turning points that led to the rise of outsourcing, IT's compliance mandate, and the dawn of the smartphone era, as well as SCO's fateful decision to take down Linux. 'With allies such as Computer Associates, IBM, Novell, and Red Hat willing to take up its defense, the open source OS was clearly here to stay. Ironically, the lawsuit that was meant to be the death blow for Linux may have succeeded only in ushering in its golden age.'"

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