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Submission + - Lenovo Says Linux Voids Your Warrenty 4

altools writes: I called Lenovo because my computer occasionally freezes on the press f2 to enter set up screen and asked to schedule a service ticket as it's warranty expires in January. I also reported that the wireless device and power cord intermittently aren't detected. I put Linux on it the second I opened the box and have been using it for the last 10 months when I started noticing the power/usb jack getting loose and it locking up on the press f2 to enter set up screen. I called Lenovo's tech support and reported the issues, she set up the ticket, and told me they possibly would negotiate fees to repair the hardware at their desecration, but before placing the ticket told me that the system was holding up the ticket. She then told me the reason was because I had voided the warranty by installing Linux on the computer. Good to know installing Linux voids your warranty at Lenovo.

Comment Re:The fine won't hurt the DC owners. (Score 1) 169

Yes, and a competent electrician always assumes a circuit is live, even if he knows otherwise. You never know when some idiot is going to flip the switch back on that you turned off to kill the circuit, or if you simply flipped the wrong switch or clear forgot. If you're working on an electrical circuit you *always* assume it is live, no exceptions!

Comment Re:Nostalgia (Score 1) 345

Definitely nostalgia. I've flown in 747s and other than the fact that they are impressively large, they are no more pleasant to fly in that any other large plane I've been in, particularly if you are in the middle seat in the 5 seat row.

I agree, but the newer ones, even the 747-400 (I think) don't have the five seat row anymore, they've made it a four seat row and it's considerably more comfortable for the difference.

They aren't going away for a while yet. I would be very surprised if some weren't still in service for passenger flights 10-15 years from now. Eventually we'll go to something else but it won't be tomorrow.

Sure, but they won't be nearly as common as they used to be. I mainly fly Air New Zealand now between Auckland and Los Angeles (being the only airline that still offers a direct route) and they've replaced all their 747s on that route with 777s, so I highly doubt I'll get to fly in one again myself.

Comment I'm gonna miss the 747 (Score 2) 345

Growing up I would go on an occasional flight with my parents, but because they were always short-haul local flights they were on a 737 or DC10 or similar. The 747 was always that huge plane I saw at the airport with that iconic top deck and I always wanted to fly in one.

Later I did finally get the opportunity to fly in a 747, and you might say that cattle-class is cattle class no matter what airplane you're flying in, but I always enjoyed flying in a 747 more than other aircraft, probably just for the nostalgia factor.

I do understand why the plane is going into retirement. Airlines don't want them anymore, they are too heavy and use more fuel than more modern planes and the large passenger capacity means that the airline has to fill more seats to make a profit on a flight, hence the reason that the slightly smaller 777 is more popular with airlines for long haul nowadays, and the big plane sales are going to the more modern airbus A380 and 787s now.

That said, I will always have a bit of a place in my heart for the 747 and will miss having the opportunity to fly in them.

Comment Re:Hmm... (Score 1) 1094

This is why you do a minimum wage increase, because it affects a pay increase for the vast majority of workers across the board, not just a few select people.

The cost to businesses should be made up by the increased sales that they get due to the higher spending power of the population in general.

When minimum wage goes up it is customary to increase the wages proportionately for your higher-paid workers as well, not to do so is akin to a pay cut for them. So this will have a positive affect on the majority of higher-paid workers, not just minimum wage earners.

Comment Re:Hmm... (Score 4, Informative) 1094

Except that there's other factors in play as well. A minimum wage increase will give the bottom 60+% of workers more spending power, this increased spending will boost the income of local shops which will help to improve the local economy.

This is economics 101, for an economy to work people have to spend money, the more money that people spend the better the economy works. Increasing the spending power of the vast majority of local residents is a very good thing for the local economy.

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