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Astronomers Discover Largest Structure In the Universe 143

KentuckyFC writes "Until now, the largest known structure in the Universe was the Huge-LQG (Large Quasar Group), a cluster of 73 quasars stretching over a distance of 4 billion light years. Now astronomers say they've spotted something even bigger in data from gamma ray bursts, the final explosions of energy released by stars as they die and the universe's most energetic events. Astronomers have measured the distance to 283 of these bursts and mapped their position in the universe. This throws up a surprise. At a distance of ten billion light years, there are more gamma ray bursts than expected if they were evenly distributed throughout the universe. This implies the existence of a structure at this distance that is about ten billion light years across and so dwarfs the Huge-LQG. What's odd about the discovery is that the Cosmological principle--one of the fundamental tenets of cosmology--holds that the distribution of matter in the universe will appear uniform if viewed at a large enough scale. And yet, structures clearly emerge at every scale astronomers can see. The new discovery doesn't disprove the principle but it does provide some interesting food for thought for theorists."

Comment It's not just the battery/sdcard issue (Score 1) 280

I had an HTC Desire HD, which came out in October 2010. It was the phone of the moment. Bought an extra battery for holidays and it already came with an 8GB sdcard, very very nice. I bought it in February 2011. In October 2011, Ice Cream Sandwich came out. So, the actual model was 1 year old. Time passed. It was unclear what the update schedule was. Then, in April 2012 or so, it was there: "Yes!", HTC said. "Desire HD will be getting the ICS update!" Finally! About friggin time. May... June... July... HTC: "Oh, no, the best experience is with Android 2.3.x, so we won't update the Desire HD to ICS." Fuck you, HTC. Fuck you twice. I gave up, rooted my DHD and later on I had a fully functional Jelly Bean even. That was the first and last time I got an HTC. I also managed to break it (dropping it from the 3rd floor balcony is a bad idea) and have now moved to a Galaxy S3, since I'm so content with my fully functional Samsung laptop (running openSUSE). I'll let my wallet do the talking and looking at HTC's decline, I'm not the only one.

Comment Re:Blu-Ray? (Score 1) 163

Bandwidth sold by the gigabyte? I thought that was the US with all these stories on slashdot about monthly caps while at the same time streaming is becoming bigger and bigger. I've had different ISP's in the Netherlands and Finland and have never heard of such a thing. It's mostly fair use as far as I know, but I haven't heard stories of any problems with that, either.

Netflix: yes, it's in the UK now, isn't it? That's about it. And there are no good alternatives, either. So in that sense, Europe sucks, indeed. :(

Comment Re:More expensive everywhere, getting cheaper here (Score 1) 247

They tried that in Holland (where I'm originally from) last year, the telcos, charging extra if you wanted to use skype over 3G. Then the politicians said: oooh, look at that! No. That violates net neutrality that we're putting in place. So now you get to pay your ass off (soon) for packages.

Comment More expensive everywhere, getting cheaper here... (Score 5, Interesting) 247

I live in Finland and I can't understand what is going on in all those countries where they start charging more while giving less. I wanted to get an extra set of text messages in my mobile package. So the guy looks at my info and says "I see you have the '500 minutes + 100 text messages' package and a 3G package on top of that. Let's improve on that." The result was that I have those 2 packages for the price I used to pay for just the minutes+texts. Making my 3G (1/3rd of the price of the old agreement) 'free', really. And there's no data limit. Maybe it's the advantage of having a 'large' country with a big network, but very few people.

Comment Re:OPT OUT (Score 1) 572

Reason tells me you'd be sent away, not allowed to pass ('play by our rules, or don't fly', which sucks, but they're hired to keep you out in this case). But I think I've read about someone getting arrested for not wanting the pat-down, either, which is just insane, of course. Then again, I might remember wrong.

Comment Re:Beginning of the end for KDE? (Score 1) 356

Well, some people think that it's not possible to run some kind of Linux flavour as your main desktop. :) But I totally agree with you. Except for having to use VirtualBox with XP/7 simply for Internet Explorer testing, I've been using Linux distros as my sole desktop choice for 9 years now. I was surprised to see I only needed to compile something for the screen brightness on my Samsung laptop after installing openSUSE 11.4 (been on openSUSE for 4 years I think). I don't have to touch config files (but do it by choice sometimes because it's often quicker) and I can do everything I want to do on it, both private as well as for work. And why do I do that? Because that's what works great for me. *cough*don'tlikemicrosoftandapple*cough* ;)

Comment Re:Beginning of the end for KDE? (Score 1) 356

Why does everyone always forget about openSUSE? It's a GREAT distro and has both KDE (main focus) as Gnome (which I heard they're doing quite a nice job with, as well). I'm at 11.4 on my laptop and everything works(*). The only flaws I have are 2 KDE bugs (so not by openSUSE), but that's my mistake for getting the 4.8.0 packages. And yeah, they provide special repositories if you want to run the latest stable, latest 'bleeding edge' etc. So yeah, openSUSE is a great distro with KDE.

*ALMOST everything, needed to compile something to be able to adjust the brightness level of the screen :)

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