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Comment Re:Not just that (Score 1) 127

Exactly. the wii was a fad console, which made a killing on sales, but they weren't the kind of gamers who continually paly the system and buy new games. With Micorsoft and Sony around though, that may be the best console-selling strategy for them. The alternative is going the Sega route. They'd make a killing that way.

Comment Re:I dislike Beats... (Score 1) 188

No they aren't bad at all, and thousands of internet sound engineers have taken the 'overpriced' description and interpreted that as 'total crap'. They're not bad headphones - good ones actually, just not as good as their price, and too bassy for some. They're a fashion statement - pay less and get the same or better sound, or wear the fashion and pay for that privilege.

Comment Our money is wheat for the reaping (Score 1) 163

So now I need an app to help me park with as little butthurt as possible. It could be that people haven't realized how thoroughtly nickle-and-dimed our lives have become. It's pretty sad. Any everytime I try and think of something sadder, its already been done.

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