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Comment I preferred the 1964 original (Score 1) 112

These modern remakes always change things for no good reason. I much preferred Robinson Crusoe on Mars. After all, you gotta love the plot:

Stranded on Mars with only a monkey as a companion, an astronaut must figure out how to find oxygen, water, and food on the lifeless planet.

And it even has Adam West in it (and no - he's not the Monkey)

Comment Re:And what, pray tell, is a "digital agenda"? (Score 2) 109

Also as an aside, what's wrong with being #2 or #3 in something?

There is nothing wrong with being #2 or #3. But the US isn't even in the same league as #2 or #3.

For example, NYC has a population density higher than Tokyo, yet has data speeds than are a fraction of Tokyo's. Why is that? Its not for want of faster speeds, or technical capability.

Comment Re:Re-what? (Score 1) 139

You do that. Meanwhile, we don't use the mag strip in Australia, so I'll happily prevent my card from being compatible with the less secure USA methodology.

Its worse than you think here. They are finally rolling out chip based cards in the US, and the system is just "Chip" .. no PIN required.

Comment Re:It's not just IT (Score 1) 152

.. trying to explain security to them is like trying to explain an egg shell to a brick wall.

Devil's advocate here. Have you considered the possibility that you just plain out suck at being able to explain things in terms that other people will understand?

The flip side of the non-technical manager stereotype is the nerdy technical genius stereotype who is so embedded in his/her own domain that he can't comprehend why other people can't understand what he/she does, and as a result consider everyone else but him/her to be stupid.

Comment Outgoing White Listed Firewall (Score 3, Interesting) 134

While I don't have a Lenovo, this sort of thing is why I have set a firewall on my MacBook to block all outgoing requests unless they are whitelisted by me. It was a real eye opener when I first saw the number of applications that were phoning home without me knowing.

Comment Re:Brussels to Sydney (Score 1) 221

LOL, the intersection of those groups is so small as to be meaningless. Either way, we're talking about going halfway around the world in less than a day. If you're that impatient, nothing will satisfy you.

By your reasoning there is also no rationale for business or first class fares on flights as it doesn't matter how much you pay as you still get there at the same time.

and as for your timezone comment, lots of people transition their sleep by 12 hours all the time .. its called rotating shift work

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