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Comment: Re:Probably Not (Score 1) 511

by OzPeter (#48220525) Attached to: FTDI Removes Driver From Windows Update That Bricked Cloned Chips

As a "maker" who sells small runs of boards . . I trust that they will build the board to spec . . I don't know what the right answer is

If you are getting boards built but not checking that they are to spec, then I'd suggest that you are not doing any quality control. Doing that would be the very first step in the process. And you don't have to test every board, just a random sample.

And FTDI has now done the heavy lifting for you by writing software that will test if their chips are genuine.

Comment: Re:Alternatives? Same problem.. (Score 1) 511

by OzPeter (#48220469) Attached to: FTDI Removes Driver From Windows Update That Bricked Cloned Chips

So the better question is how can we improve the system to ensure that counterfeit chips aren't being secretly swapped into our products.

That's easy .. quality control on your part to verify that the chips in your product are genuine.

Remember the old saying:

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+ - Argentina put it ArSat-1 Setellite in orbit

Submitted by ArielOjosVerdes
ArielOjosVerdes (724853) writes "On October 16th, The ArSat-1 satellite was launched from French Guaiana aboard an Ariane 5 rocket This satellite is part of a long-term plan of the Argentine authorities to develop space technologies locally, including satellite building, testing and ground mission control facilities. This NASA story has a comprehensive account of the history and technical details of the project"

Comment: The best I have seen so far was on Sci Fi channel (Score 1) 82

by OzPeter (#48178019) Attached to: Robot SmackDowns Wants To Bring Robot Death Matches To an Arena Near You

The Robot Combat League was fairly interesting given the limitations of the machinery that they are using.

The technology of Robot Smack Downs would have to surpass that of the Robot Combat League by a pretty large margin before it became half decent, and I don't see that happening any time soon.

Comment: Obvious solution (Score 0) 407

by OzPeter (#48167635) Attached to: As Prison Population Sinks, Jails Are a Steal

FEMA Camps!

The private prisons have been in collusion with the government over this one:

1. Get lots of ant-drug laws passed
2. Increase number of prisoners
3. Build private jails (Profit #1)
4. Reduce drug laws to free up space
5. Admit to being a police state
6. Round up undesirables
7. Put them in FEMA camps
6. Ask for more money in this current emergency (Profit #2)

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by OzPeter (#48161457) Attached to: Apple Announces iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3, OS X Yosemite and More

I've been thinking about giving the OSX another try... I've been messing around with it at work.

The mini wouldn't be a bad way to go... it's not that expensive and I can still use my 27" monitor.

Aside from the Mac Pro, the Mini was the only Mac that you could easily change the hard drive and memory yourself. I just had a quick look at the specs of the new mini and I can't tell if you can still do that.

I'm worried that the mini may go the way of the iMacs and head into being a totally sealed/pre-configured device and have no user changeable parts.

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