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Comment: Re:The French are the world's Standards Board (Score 1) 369

by OzPeter (#48445313) Attached to: Blame America For Everything You Hate About "Internet Culture"

he referred to all the black people in the room as 'African Americans'.

Stupidity is not reserved for one nation alone.

Years ago I was in Florida, and was chatting with the hotel clerk when an English guy came in and started chatting as well. After a few moments the clerk said "I can't tell you two apart", meaning our accents.

The english guy and I just look at each other and burst out laughing, due to the fact that I'm white and the he was black.

Comment: Re:next... (Score 4, Insightful) 147

by OzPeter (#48440487) Attached to: Linux On a Motorola 68000 Solder-less Breadboard

The 68008 was discontinued 20 years ago, so this isn't really all that useful even as an educational exercise. Why not pick a current breadboardable, cheap microprocessor and get Linux to run on that? That way, other people can benefit.

Why even bother with hardware. Why not just emulate it?

But then again .. why emulate it when you can buy time on a virtual system?

Then again why do all that when you could just be watching TV?

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This is not the only article talking about hot air filled balloons. The text is talking about hot air, not matter what the picture is. Even the Loon project web site is not clear about this.

Yet somehow the Wikipedia site happily identifies the balloons as being He filled

Whoever wrote the text that everyone else is quoting screwed up big time, and is totally wrong about these balloons being hot air based. As I stated before, the photos are of classic Helium balloons, and no hot air balloon can do what google is claiming - that is basic physics.

Comment: Re:No hot air (Score 1) 114

Why do you say they are not hot air balloons? The article is pretty clear they are. You quote do not say otherwise.

Just because it's on the internet doesn't make it correct.

The pictures in the TFA are not of hot air balloons. They are of helium balloons. And engineering wise, no hot air balloon in capable of the stats that google is claiming.

Comment: Re:Nope... Nailed It (Score 3, Interesting) 185

by OzPeter (#48434687) Attached to: It's Not Developers Slowing Things Down, It's the Process

Take managers out of the equation and work gets done. Pretty simple.

Yes, but what work gets done?

Is it the sexy feature that the dev has been just dying to implement since he/she read about some new language/process/data type de jour?

Or is it fixing the hard to locate bug in deep in the back end that deletes all the users data on seemingly random occurrences (and can be brushed off in dev's opinion as merely an aberration)

Old programmers never die, they just hit account block limit.