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Comment: Re:Price of commercials (Score 0) 71

by OzPeter (#48271467) Attached to: A Mixed Review For CBS's "All Access" Online Video Streaming

Don't expect many people will be willing to pay for skipping the commercials, once they see how much extra it is. You can be certain that skipping commercials will cost you more than $20 extra, are you willing to pay even that?

Yet look at how much people are prepared to pay just for the convenience of having an always connected, portable computer in their pocket

Comment: Re:This is related (Score 1) 241

by OzPeter (#48269607) Attached to: Ebola Forecast: Scientists Release Updated Projections and Tracking Maps

You seriously expect me to believe that you didn't want your "regardless of the science" question to refer to your statement about her not having symptoms and testing negative for ebola?

What we have here is a failure to communicate.

Current science says she has no issue, and does not need to be quarantined.

Me saying "quarantined regardless of the science" is asking if you think that people should be quarantined even if the science says that they don't need to be,

Come on. Man up and admit when you get something wrong. That would be, you know, the scientific attitude.

There is no mistake on my part.

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by OzPeter (#48268779) Attached to: Ebola Forecast: Scientists Release Updated Projections and Tracking Maps

One of the nurse's is supposed to be quaratined and instead is out for a bike ride

Do you mean the person who doesn't have any symptoms and has tested negative to ebola at least once? That person?

Are you suggesting that people should be quarantined regardless of the science? If so that sounds awfully like a knee-jerk reaction with echoes of police state detainment for no reason at all.

Comment: Re:Since this is an HP product, (Score 5, Insightful) 102

the thermoplastic "ink" will be the most expensive substance on Earth, by weight or volume. And protected by a DRM'd cartridge system. And declare itself "empty" at about 25% remaining, in order to "protect the printer from running dry".

You also left out that the "ink" levels will slowly decrease over time if printer is not used.

And that if you are out of one "color" you still won't be able to print anything at all - even if you don't need to use that "color"

+ - The Airplane of the Future Won't Have Windows 7

Submitted by merbs
merbs (2708203) writes "Hope you're not too attached to looking out the windows when you fly—the designers of tomorrow's airplanes seem intent on getting rid of them. A Paris design firm recently made waves when it released its concept for a sleek, solar paneled, windowless passenger jet. Before that, Airbus proposed eschewing windows and building its cabins out of transparent polymers. Now, the Center for Process Innovation has floated its own windowless plane concept, and it's attracting plenty of headlines, too."

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by OzPeter (#48243391) Attached to: Here's Why Apple Rejected Your iOS App

Fine by me, that way I only gotta port it to one platform. Should also make support easier. So if you want my app, get Android. If you don't have one, sucks to be you.

Not knocking your choices, but see your deliberate abstaining from iOS made me want to know which platform is better for monetization of apps. That led me to this article: For Mobile Monetization, Choose Android for Ads and Apple For In-App Purchases and the stats of:

iOS users are 32% more likely to make a purchase, and spend 10% more than Android users. Developers using the in-app purchasing and freemium models will also want to take note of the in-app purchasing numbers, with iOS users spending 45% more the Android users on in-app purchases.

Google’s mobile platform typically generates more engagement per app. Although session times remain consistent between Android and iOS, Android users will start more app sessions per month (on average by 17%).

So to be cynical you need to consider how much money you can squeeze out of each user for each platform and use that to decide whether supporting the platform is a worthwhile ROI. However I also saw a stat that said there are more than 2x number of android users - so you need to factor that in as well.

Comment: Another Dicevertisment (Score 4, Insightful) 145

by OzPeter (#48242979) Attached to: Here's Why Apple Rejected Your iOS App

Submission is as thin as saran wrap on a toilet seat, and just as desirable.

I clicked on the link (without looking at the source) expecting to find stories of all sorts of apps that were rejected for unexpected reasons. The tease was GPS to automatically control a real-world aircraft or automobile. The trouble was .. that was also the only paragraph in the story that mentioned something like that (well ok it also mentioned emergency services) and all that was buried at the end of the article. The rest of the content was a top list from Apple explaining where people go wrong.

Not news and known to anyone who develops iOS apps, and even if you don't develop iOS apps .. the top reasons are still obvious.

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