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Comment: Well .. most asian food in the US is crap (Score 2) 57

by OzPeter (#48026627) Attached to: Robotic Taster Will Judge 'Real Thai Food'

Asian restaurants in the US cater to what they the think the US public wants to consume and not what is "authentic" to their cuisine. While which probably makes for good economic sense, doesn't make for the best food experience. (As an extreme, Imagine how the local asian family restaurant in the US having a plate of fried chicken heads on its menu would fare).

But these restaurants are so ingrained with this practice that even if you go into a Thai restaurant and ask for the dish to be "Thai-hot", they'll ask if "you are sure about that?" and still dial it back to something that is only middling spicy.

So while I can agree with the sentiment of the TFA, it win;t going to happen. If anything its really just the new heads of Thailand flexing their muscles to show that their coup d'etat is the best thing for the country.

Comment: Re:So many practice doing it wrong (Score 2) 159

by OzPeter (#48023179) Attached to: New Research Casts Doubt On the "10,000 Hour Rule" of Expertise

All around me, I see my co-workers doing it _wrong_ for a long time. I just discovered that one guy who has been in the same job for over ten years was completely unaware of some of the most basic concepts anyone starting in the field should know.

Years ago I was taught the saying:

Practice doesn't make perfect.
Perfect practice makes perfect

Comment: Swift is MIA in TFA (Score 3, Insightful) 66

by OzPeter (#48021973) Attached to: Building Apps In Swift With Storyboards

Where in TFA is Swift actually used? All I see is a simple Interface Builder example which has nothing do with Swift.

Are we going to be continually with crappy iOS articles repeating the basics of UI development just because they have the word "Swift" in them or that they are Dice based??

And another crappy article .. with Swift

Crappy articles are crappy articles and articles like these are the reason that Netcraft confirms that /. is dying.

Comment: What does your boss say? (Score 1) 157

by OzPeter (#48014151) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Software Issue Tracking Transparency - Good Or Bad?

This is a business decision, not a technical decision.

However, that does not mean there are not valid business reasons for opening up your bug list.

And in fact I was trying to something similar last year. I was on a job site commissioning equipment. There was the company I was working for, the company that had sub contracted them and the client themselves. We reported bugs to an internal bugzilla system but didn't share that list with either the main contractor or the client. Both the client and the main contractor kept their own separate lists of bugs and would send us their lists when ever they felt like putting pressure on us. Of course all three lists had items that overlapped and items that were different, so it was a pain to try and match up all the issues and prioritize the work.

I suggested several times that if the client and main contractor had access to our bugzilla system (even for just this one project) then it would reduce extra work and confusion all around and make the start up procedure a smoother and reduce a lot of heated arguments. Of course the idea of other people seeing our dirty laundry was not acceptable.

Comment: Where's my dinosaur? (Score 2) 131

by OzPeter (#47994007) Attached to: Euclideon Teases Photorealistic Voxel-Based Game Engine

Where the hell do I find a dinosaur in this day and age so that I can laser scan it?

More reasonably: one thing that leapt to mind when watching the video is that laser scanning inherently "can't see behind the curtain". So how do you generate data for all those hidden surfaces? Several of the examples in the video showed fields of rocks, and I can't imagine there would be enough time to scan the field from all possible view points that would ensure that all surfaces have been scanned. Or is this product mainly targeted at fly-throughs along well defined paths?

I also did see in one of the comments on the site that all of the video data that was shown was static IE no animation.

Comment: Re:This has nothing to do with wasting food (Score 1) 383

by OzPeter (#47986445) Attached to: Seattle Passes Laws To Keep Residents From Wasting Food

Maybe after the failed site redesign, the new owners are trying to increase page hits by turning /. into a drudge-like site with lots of misleading headlines.

I don't think that's a "maybe"

The choice of what crap makes it through the submission process is amazing at times.

+ - Physicist Proves Mathematically Black Holes Don't Exist-> 2

Submitted by Koreantoast
Koreantoast (527520) writes "Black holes, the stellar phenomena that continues to capture the imagination of scientists and science fiction authors, may not actually exist. According to a paper published by Physics professor Laura Mersini-Houghton at the University of North Carolina and Mathematics Professor Harald Pfeiffer of the University of Toronto, as a collapsing star emits Hawking radiation, it also sheds mass at a rate that it no longer has the density necessary to become a black hole; the singularity and event horizon never forms. While the ArXiv paper with the exact solution has not been peer reviewed, the preceding paper by Mersini-Houghton with the approximate solutions was published in Physics Letters B.

"I'm still not over the shock," said Mersini-Houghton. "We've been studying this problem for a more than 50 years and this solution gives us a lot to think about... Physicists have been trying to merge these two theories – Einstein's theory of gravity and quantum mechanics – for decades, but this scenario brings these two theories together, into harmony.""

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