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Comment: Re:Quantity does not equal quality (Score 1) 432

by Oyjord (#44927245) Attached to: Apple Sells Nine Million iPhones Over Weekend

I'm not sure what the point is that you're trying to make, since you simply posted one link and two snarky words. Perhaps you're trying to contradict my point by saying Android sells well, and IT'S a quality product, proving my theorem wrong?

If so, you are mistaken, and are merely proving my point. Yes, Android does sell well, but I, too, think it's pretty a pretty craptastic platform, in desperate need of numerous improvements. This again merely proves my point that the quantity an item sells does not correlate to the item's quality.

Comment: Re:This is like a creepy social experiment (Score 1) 129

"Ligten up, Francis."

I have a Facebook account, I share on Google + as well, and I was one of the fist Ingress'ers in my city. I've shared nothing of any consequence to anyone in doing so. My life hasn't nor will it change in any significant way because of these activities which bring me a few moments of fun here and there at the cost of NOTHING to me. I already was a number to corporate America long ago, but I avoid consumerism and its pitfalls on my terms just fine.

Sometimes I wonder why I read /., with all the crackpot tinfoil hat libertarians that troll it....


+ - Recommended Math and Science iOS apps for young kids?

Submitted by Oyjord
Oyjord (810904) writes "Hi all,

I have a very smart and curious 3 year old daughter. Before anyone tries to derail my query, yes, we get a lot of play time outside with soccer and baseballs, and inside with blocks, Hot Wheels, PlayDoh, etc. However, on the rare occasion that we do sit down with my iPad, I'd like to solicit recommendations for good Math and Science apps for kids. There are hundreds of horribly gender-biased baking apps and Barbie apps for young girls, but they turn my stomach. She has a wonderfully curious mind, and really likes SkyView already, but I feel lost in a sea of pink and Hello Kitty apps.

Thanks for the tips!


Comment: Re:Public opinion in china is an oxymoron. (Score 3, Informative) 75

"That domination is complete in China. Everything is censored, controlled, tweaked, threatened, bullied, or groupthinked into "order".... The chinese neither like nor dislike it. They have no right to an opinion either way."

This is utter and complete bullshit. I'm an American professor of history, and was in China no more than two weeks ago. I had frequent, open exchanges about politics, economics, society, the Communist Party, Hu Jintao, his likely successor, and even Tiananmen Square with numerous Chinese.

Stop making shit up about China and the Chinese to fit your own agenda.

Comment: Re:At Least... (Score 1, Troll) 286

by Oyjord (#38995933) Attached to: Alan Moore on <em>V For Vendetta</em> and the Rise of Anonymous
"Don't believe in a creator? That's fine, but understand this country was founded by Religous people and we will always be fighting to govern it, because we know our rights are provided by our Creator."

*sigh* /facepalm

Was the United States of Dumbfuckistan founded by Yahweh, Zeus, the FSM, Amaterasu, Marduk, or Odin?

Deism != Christian God

The major difference between bonds and bond traders is that the bonds will eventually mature.