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Comment Re:Caller ID Blocker (Score 2) 232

But this does answer, and it answers with "Hello? Hello? Hello?!?!" if that doesn't get you transferred to a live agent, the dialer is a failure.

These days a lot of autodialers ARE failures. If you actually answer it, about half the time it either hangs up on you or there is nothing there but silence and you eventually get tired of saying "hello" and hang up.

Comment PINO (Score 1) 210

Some of Porche's current offerings I could see getting the self drive treatment. Like the Panamera and whatever the heck they call their SUV/XUV/whatever they are called this week. I could see people who want the Porsche label for name only, but want a sedan or minivan totally picking the self drive option. They could rebadge these models as the Porsche PINO edition and all the hipsters would fall over themselves to get one. At least until they find out it means Porsche In Name Only.

Comment Re:APorsche Self-Drive? (Score 1) 210

And not to forget you need an automatic transmission for that.

Not necessarily. BMW makes a dual clutch manual transmission with an automatic clutch. You can use the paddles, you can use the bump shifter. It has no torque convertor. It WILL roll backwards on a steep hill.
I would have rather had a full manual with stick shift, but we are a two car family and we occasionally have to swap cars. My wife will not learn standard. Sigh.

Comment Re: APorsche Self-Drive? (Score 0) 210

Because Republucans are lazy, and typically the only people that can afford such things.

Actually, it is mostly nouveau rich lottery winners, flash-in-the-pan musicians, actors, and reality TV stars that tend to buy supercars, and most of them are usually democrats.
But back to the original false statement. Republicans are lazy so they like to buy cars that don't drive themselves? Um, what?

Comment Re:The gun is pointing at the foot (Score 1) 381

Something of a biased set. I've been using Firefox on Android for over a year, and I am very happy with it. I wasn't aware until your post that Mozilla was collecting satisfaction stats, and even now I can't really be bothered to post there - but I probably would if I were unhappy with it. Firefox with the self-destructing cookies add-on is the only mobile browser that I've found that gives me the cookie management policy that I want.

Comment Re:Firefox 44 (Score 1) 381

Perhaps they're expecting people to install add-ons? Fine-grained cookie management was why I switched to Firefox on Android, but I actually ended up using the self-destructing cookies add-on, which has exactly the policy that I want: any site can set a cookie, but unless I explicitly opt in (which I can do retroactively with the undelete button) to keeping it, then it's deleted when I navigate away from the site. Everything works as if I had cookies set to automatically accept, but doesn't get to persist any state for me across visits unless I permit it to.

Comment Re:Things that make you go "hmmm..." (Score 0) 150

A plane travelling at 500 miles per hour, at an altitude of 40,000 feet, has to lose a huge amount of both kinetic and gravitational potential energy before it's stationary on the runway. If you can capture 1% of this, then you can taxi around the airport for quite an extended period.

A number of airlines are now also powering the flight systems from the ground when connected to the terminal, so that they're not burning expensive avgas to generate electricity.

Comment Promised throughput (Score 3, Insightful) 153

Wouldn't it be nice if ISPs wrote a rebate check each month to reflect the percentage of their promised throughput that was actually available?

They do if you want to negotiate a SLA that guarantees it, but that tends to be kinda expensive for the average residential customer. Otherwise you get best-effort.

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