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Comment: Where have all the good people gone? (Score 5, Insightful) 289 289

I found this article... then checked Slashdot.

Where have all the intelligent slashdotters gone? Let's all STOP trying to come up with the funniest one-liner and talk about the subject at hand here.

They have taken brain cells and taught them to control a robot. This is simply freakin' astounding!

What else has been done related to this such as MEMS? Anyone?

Operating Systems

+ - Microsoft allows Vista Downgrade

OxFF52 writes: "While not entirely new news (UK article from CNET), the fact that Microsoft is providing a "downgrade" option for new PCs is a bit of admittance that Vista has failed to excite their business customers. eWeek reports that a dismal 2% of businesses have adopted Vista, and nearly half do not even plan to deploy it at all. These numbers will probably change going into 2008 when Microsoft prevents Windows XP from being pre-loaded on consumer PCs, but will businesses take advantage of Vista? I doubt there will ever be a huge growth curve and that business users will still be using XP as far out as 2010."

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