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Comment: Undefined or ambiguous language (Score 3, Interesting) 122 122

IIRC, ambiguous language in a contract, or that which is not defined or poorly defined, should generally be found to be in favor of the person receiving the contract. In other words, if Verizon wrote the contract and implied that "pass" meant to bring fiber to all residents, or the city believed in good faith that "pass" meant to provide a fiber outlet / headend / demarc readily accessible to every resident, then the courts should find in the favor of the city. The reverse is also true, though. If the city wrote the contract and didn't specify what they meant by pass, then Verizon gets to define what they meant (within reason, of course).

Comment: Re:Nice but his arguments make not much sense (Score 1, Insightful) 284 284

Storage is not a myth. Talking about putting power into and pulling out of a "Grid" means nothing. When your production drops below your demand, you need storage. And your threshold for deciding what is "enough" should not be based on an average, or even on a 1% event. Having rolling worldwide blackouts 3x a year is not what I consider stable.

Comment: Re:Why did they get rid of Media Center in Win 10? (Score 2) 302 302

Wow, did you even wipe off that statistic after you pulled it out? I might buy that 10% of users *tried* WMC at some point during their ownership since it's release. Heck, I even tried it until I found out that it was essentially useless, with poor content, poor support, and outrageously expensive extension devices.

I'd guess the current usage would be 1% or less, but I've not seen any statistics.

Comment: Maybe Moller has come of age (Score 1) 119 119

If $150k is the target, and they miss by a factor of two, they could still scale to 4x the thrust and put an enclosed 2/4 seater with a 1000# payload for under a million.

Stability, flight dynamics, and structures have come a long way since Moller bilked investors for millions. Possibly to the point where it's actually feasible to build the aircar he couldn't.

Comment: Thank you Mr. Heston (Score 2) 268 268

Amazingly, guns are not the solution to every problem, despite what the NRA has told you.

RF jamming and/or GPS spoofing would be a better/easier way to down these craft, and a drop from 500 feet into a forest fire would have the same deleterious effect on the airframe that bullets would.

Comment: Re:Huh? This doesn't make sense (Score 2) 171 171

"1) as most people familiar with condoms would recognize, when a condom's in full use it's quite frequently dark and/or not exactly exposed to where you can see it."

BOOM - my invention is to make the colors glow in the dark. Hold on while I call my patent lawyer...

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