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Comment: Re:But since nothing is CPU bound (Score 1) 103

by Overzeetop (#49821895) Attached to: Intel Releases Broadwell Desktop CPUs: Core i7-5775C and i5-5675C

Depends on your application. Most of us that would appreciate faster CPU speeds have already moved to SSDs and Gb for local network storage. Transcoding is processor intensive with local SSD, and lots of media center applications - running on desktop hardware - are now transcoding for remote viewing devices. I appreciate the desire to reduce part count and beat costs down, but stealing from the CPU performance for on-board GPU sounds like low-end chip work, not high end i7 stuff.

Comment: Re:You don't stop terrorists [full stop] (Score 3, Insightful) 316

It's impossible to stop all terrorists. We're simply reacting to the last attack, because there's no realistic way to stop the next one.

Profiling might be somewhat useful, but it's doubtful. Disallowing large/serious weapons on a plane is a good thing simply because, without some amplification of strength, the numbers are wildly against any single attacker. Simple security is sufficient.

Comment: Re:Because of Tomorrow land? (Score 1) 203

by Overzeetop (#49814053) Attached to: Tron 3 Is Cancelled

I was going to say, "the Tomorrowland that's still in general release?"

To base the overall profitability on the first two weekends and call it a stumble when it made 3/4 of what tron made at the same time (with a huge build up and cult following of the original), while there are several other major summer blockbusters going head to head with it. (note: I haven't seen tomorrowland)

Sounds like an excuse to me. And thank goodness, imho. We definitely don't need another Tron.

Regardless of whether a mission expands or contracts, administrative overhead continues to grow at a steady rate.