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Comment: Re:Get on topic, cut the ad hominem attacks (Score 1) 183

I didn't prove you wrong, as I didn't make any comments on hosts, the program directly, or advocate alternatives. Didn't do any down modding, have that turned off for myself as it tends to be more opinionated.
No, my comment was completely about your character, and as your post shows, It is spot on.

Comment: Re:Learn to read... apk (Score 1) 183

Wouldn't really matter if your Host Engine was magical and did my taxes for me, in addition to all the security claims. The problem is that you, the author of it, come off as crazy. You spam your message across all of slashdot looking for the slightest mentioning of hosts/adblock, you hound anyone that speaks ill of you or the program and post messages in reply trying to pretend to be other people that support your 'message'. And lastly, anyone that you are hounding that starts to ignore you instead of respond you take as if they had finally admitted you were right. All in all, not a good sign.

Comment: Re: Actually you're getting more than you pay for. (Score 1) 163

I was curious what he meant by subsidized as well, but seems to pretty much say government wanted out from anything like that. The only other thing I found was but was just for small airports not travel in general.

Comment: Re:well.... (Score 1) 45

While it wasn't without warrning sort of thing, something related would be when Microsoft shutdown the PlaysForSure music service ( which had the effect of locking music bought to whatever current allowed pcs and no others due to DRM.

Comment: Re:Since when are rights deserved? (Score 1) 379

by OverlyGenericUsernam (#33741704) Attached to: Does A Company Deserve the Same Privacy Rights As You?
No, not a troll. It was pointing out the absurdity of the general statement that rights are for all or none. Either the original post was, as you seem to be saying, a definition/concept of 'rights' in general then it was a off topic post of its own and served no real purpose. Or, as I had thought when I read it, it was a statement that corporations should be allowed this right as all are allowed this right. Then my post is no more silly (Which I will state it was quite silly) and no less off topic.

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