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Submission + - Man Tries To Live An Open Source Life For A Year ( 1

jfruh writes: "Sam Muirhead, a New Zealand filmmaker living Berlin, will, on the 1st of August, begin an experiment in living an open source life for a year. But this is going way beyond just trading in his Mac for a Linux machine and Final Cut Pro for Novacut. He's also going to live in a house based on an open source design, and he notes that trying to develop and use some form of open source toilet paper will be an "interesting and possibly painful process.""

Submission + - 12 Types of Bad Tech Names (

Esther Schindler writes: ""Life is too short to want to punch a website in the face," writes Carol Pinchefsky. "But there I was, staring at, feeling the rage. I was struck for the nth time by the sheer badness of the name iPad when I realized there were worse names of tech companies, products, and services. In fact, there are entire categories of bad." Ten of them, in fact, such as "Unpronounceable names" and "Names that use symbols." You'll probably laugh. Or maybe cry. Hard to tell."

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