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Comment: Re:Burning bridges (Score 1) 892 892

That depends on who you are pissing off. I had a co-worker walk out without notice and had no problem getting another job. Employers actually sympathized with him because they had heard stories of our boss. We had several contractors leave because of him, so our boss' name got around the industry quickly. Any of us that worked with him would have gladly given him a good reference.

Comment: Re:Just set it to clock speed (Score 1) 400 400

Some people call them revenue raisers.

That is what they are. Speeding isn't that big of a cause of accidents, but it is the easiest to ticket because it is measurable. When everyone is doing 20mph over the limit on the highway, there is no issue. If one person is doing 20mph faster than everyone else and weaving between lanes, that is an issue. Worse if someone is drunk, talking/texting on a cell phone or distracted with something else. I'd rather work on detecting these drivers as they are the real danger.

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