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Comment: Re:Sprint porting seems overloaded (Score 1) 166

by Otterley (#37725410) Attached to: 100,000 iPhones Overwhelm Activation Server

Check the status at - if it says your port status is complete, then either do an iTunes or iCloud backup of your new phone, then go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase all Content and Settings. That will put your phone back in factory setup mode, and your phone should then get your new number. Then you can restore your backup and happiness will resume :)


Sophos Researcher Suggests Password 'Free' to Spur Wi-Fi Encryption 332

Posted by timothy
from the has-some-drawbacks dept.
An anonymous reader writes "In the wake of concerns about FireSheep sniffing credentials from people using unencrypted public WiFi hotspots, a security researcher has proposed that the problem does not just lie with big websites like Facebook, but also with those who provide free wireless internet access. Chet Wisniewski, a researcher at security firm Sophos, proposes that all free WiFi hotspots should be encrypted — with the password 'free.' ''I propose standard adoption of WPA2 and a default password of "free." Whenever you wish to connect to complimentary WiFi, you select "Courtyard Marriott" or "Starbucks" like you always have, but you are then prompted for a password. Just type "free". It's not hard. In fact, operating system vendors could even program your PC to automatically try the password "free" before prompting you for a password on the assumption that you might be selecting a free service.'"

Comment: Re:Also (Score 5, Interesting) 574

by Otterley (#33337742) Attached to: Iran Unveils Its First UAV Bomber

The Taliban et al. have already figured all this out. So they don't play this game.

Instead of trying to defeat us by conventional means, they've chosen to give us an autoimmune disease, something like AIDS: First, they damage us slightly via one or more (usually few) terrorist vectors. The initial damage is not particular great, but it causes the rest of the body (i.e. the government and the public) to overreact.

All of the body's defenses (i.e. treasure) are focused on eliminating the agent, but the agent retreats into a place where the autoimmune system is ineffective (i.e. caves). The continuing effort begins to sap the body of energy necessary for maintenance of the rest of itself (education, infrastructure, etc.). Eventually, the body begins to decay such that the nervous system (government) begins to break down and the logical part of the brain begins to fail. Psychosis takes in as the body begins to give in to strong, vacillating emotions.

Eventually, other vital organs begin to fail, leaving it open to opportunistic diseases (massive debt and possibly graft). The final prognosis is not promising.


First 3-D IMAX Porn Movie Made In Hong Kong 201 Screenshot-sm

Posted by samzenpus
from the ducking-the-money-shot dept.
tekgoblin writes "Christopher Sun of Hong Kong is directing a new porn movie that will actually be in 3-D. The movie is being called 3-D Sex & Zen: Extreme Ecstasy and will be the first 3-D IMAX porn movie. From the article: 'First out of the gates, the soft porn Hong Kong film comes as the stricken industry, hit hard by free Internet porn in recent years, turns to 3-D as a potential money-spinner, following on from the success of Hollywood blockbusters such as James Cameron's Avatar.'"
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Facebook User Satisfaction Is 'Abysmal' 289

Posted by kdawson
from the users-aren't-their-customers dept.
adeelarshad82 writes "American Customer Satisfaction Index recently conducted a survey in which they found that even though Facebook is gaining popularity, they are doing a miserable job of keeping their users satisfied. According to the survey Facebook scored 64 out of 100 for customer satisfaction, which puts the website in line with the satisfaction rates for airlines and cable companies. The survey also includes other websites like YouTube and Wikipedia (which scored considerably higher) and MySpace, which came in slightly lower. (The survey did not include Twitter since many of its members access the site through third-party sites rather than The ACSI was founded at the University of Michigan's Ross School of Business, and is based on annual interviews with about 70,000 customers. The group has measured portals and search engines in the past, as well as news and information websites, but this is the first year the ACSI included social networking sites." UM professor Claes Fornell blogged: "Controversies over privacy issues, frequent changes to user interfaces, and increasing commercialization have positioned the big social networking sites at satisfaction levels well below other Web sites..."

Are Googlers Too Smart For Their Own Good? 307

Posted by kdawson
from the keep-it-complicated-smarty dept.
theodp writes "If you're a mere mortal, don't be surprised if your first reaction to Google Storage for Developers is 'WTF?!' Offering the kind of 'user-friendly' API one might expect from a bunch of computer science Ph.D.s, Google Storage even manages to overcomplicate the simple act of copying files. Which raises the question: Are Googlers with 'world-class programming skills' capable of producing straightforward, simple-to-use programming interfaces for ordinary humans?"

Berkeley Gets Willow Garage Robot To Fold Towels 99

Posted by Soulskill
from the thanks-rosie dept.
kkleiner writes "Researchers at UC Berkeley used Willow Garage's PR2 robot to fold towels. The UCB programming used some innovative visual scanning techniques, allowing the PR2 to pick up a towel, find its corners, and fold it on a table perfectly. According to the paper presented at the 2010 ICRA (PDF), the robot successfully completed 50 out of 50 attempts to fold a single towel, and also folded 5 out of 5 towels when they were presented in a group. Is watching a robot do laundry really that exciting? Hell yes — wait until you see the video! UC Berkeley used a Willow Garage robot to develop their own sophisticated robotics program. That validates the whole premise of the PR2 — faster development by letting researchers use a common platform. Score one for open source robotics!"

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