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Comment: half way (Score 1) 249

by Osgeld (#49026959) Attached to: How good is your audio equipment?

tween mid range and Somewhat expensive

  money has little to do with it, IE you can spend a pile on a set of beats and it sounds like a flappy subwoofer strapped to a garbage can, or you can spend a little more than a ok pair of sonys for a set of Sennheiser's (course you can pay a lot for those as well)

Comment: good (Score 1) 242

by Osgeld (#48964339) Attached to: RadioShack Near Deal To Sell Half of Its Stores, Close the Rest

Radio shack is in a hurt, a pruning is good, you dont need one in every mall and every freaking po-dunk town

After talking with the manager of my local shack, who is staying open the one's all in our area are in mall's where no one goes and the rent is obscene, then there is the self competition, Radio Shack A doesn't stock X but Radio Shack B does stock X but not Y, its a fucking pain in the ass, now 3 stores are consolidating into 1, which is good cause I am sure as hell not chasing radio shack to give them money, and my manager buddy doesnt have to send customers away to another fucking Radio Shack hurting his sales.

Now they need to quit competing with the retail stores online, Radio Shacks own website does special sales that are not honored in the stores, hint hint guys... I am not going to pay for your overpriced walmart junk online! I go to radio shack cause its 4:30 on a Sunday afternoon and I cant finish something without a few extra diodes, or its noon on a Monday and I need a simple switch for work and I happen to be out to lunch, not cause I think to myself "gee I really use a wall wart that's marked up 20 bucks and wait a week for it"

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