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Comment Re:Countries don't have friends. They have interes (Score 2) 213

You're all defending the spying operations targeted at the leaders of foreign allies, but nobody really cares about that. Merkel knew full well she was being spied on simply because she was also spying, I see no problem here. We're all outraged about the spying targeted at the working public for relatively minor (compared to international relations) crimes, especially by the citizens' own government. Yes there's a 'slippery slope' arguement, but we can't realistically stop all spying, so lets focus on the particular type of spying that we really care about stopping. The NSA spying on Angela Merkel's professional dealings isn't that.

Comment So what? (Score 1) 179

So the duration is 12 days longer than the average, so what? 20-30 days is usual across all the industries and sectors (private and public) that I have worked in. The far more interesting story is the 80% increase in the average in just 5 years. I suspect some form of selection bias (people with long interview processes might be reluctant to fill out a survey afterwards but this effect decreased over time as their sample size increased, or something) but it would be interesting to see their raw data anyway.

Comment Re:This policy is ridiculous (Score 1) 290

Yep. I cannot have my account under my real name because I sometimes work with children and young offenders who know my name, it would be quite annoying if they could all find me easily on facebook, even though I have all the privacy settings (good one!) turned up to max. If facebook turns round and says I can't use that pseudonym anymore I'll just delete everything and move to google+ or something. I suspect a lot of people would do the same.

Submission School lunch program scans student thumbprints for 'tracking purposes'->

schwit1 writes: A Pennsylvania school district is scanning students' thumbprints, tracking all of their lunch purchases, and turning the data over to the federal government.

The Hazleton Area School District recently announced it would be providing free meals to all students, regardless of need. The move comes after the federal government began incentivizing school districts to provide more meals to more students.

As The Citizens' Voice reports:

While it would seem that providing all children with lunch would cost districts more, the pilot federal initiative turns that assumption on its ear. The initiative encourages school districts to move toward full participation by providing districts with reimbursements that will in fact absorb the cost of providing lunch to students of all income levels, whether they walk to school — or if a chauffeur drives them.

"We will at least break even, if not come out ahead because of federal reimbursement," according to district superintendent Craig Butler. The conclusion comes after the Hazleton district purchased biometric software to track students who receive free or reduced-cost lunches.
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Comment Re:The fundamental problem is wealth redistributio (Score 1) 117

From a rich person to a bank? How is that redistribution? If the bank gave it all away, to charity, to its poorer customers, its poorer employees, or even just threw it out the window one day, I'd be all for them taking the money from the rich guy and so would most people I'd wager, stealing or not. In reality it will flow into the pockets of other rich guys, that is not redistribution.

Comment Re:Once a government has your money, no give backs (Score 1) 117

There aren't royals "walking around", there's less than a dozen of them really. They constitute less of our population than prolific serial killers constitute of yours. I know which I'd prefer. If you want to talk about useless financial burdens on the taxpayer, start with the big fish (miltary industrial complex much?) of which both our nations have plenty. The royal family certainly is not a big fish, especially if you count the significant tourism they bring here from.... oh look at that, it's America, who'd have thought?

Comment Surely... (Score 1) 2

I'm not a programmer, I know basic fortran and that's it, but surely you can just do something along the lines of: "IF (function) gives error THEN (function)=0" or is there some fundamental reason why a program can't divide by zero, catch itself trying to divide by zero and carry on using the value of zero (or whatever you want) as if the function returned zero in the first place?

Comment Re:More arcade racers? (Score 1) 79

Have a look at the recent WRC series of rallying games, still made by codemasters, none of the bullshit introduced in CMR:DiRT, pure rallying. WRC 4 is the latest and its like CMR1/2 all over again for me. I also like the GRID series of racing games, just the right balance between simulation and arcade, especially the most recent installation, GRID:Autosport.

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