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Comment Everyone should pass... Kindergarten (Score 1) 1142

If you pass Kindergarten (and probably grades 1-3 as well.. they've all blended together for me now), you have most of these things down.
* Basic Math & Science : Arithmetic, counting, shapes, ecology, gravity, etc.
* Skepticism : That stranger with the van might not really be a nice man....
* Logic : You hopefully learn some common sense.
* Computers : Not in my day, but you'd probably learn some simple things now.
* Manners : Play nicely & share, and everyone is happy.
* Grammar/Communication : Okay, starting off everyone's spelling is so bad the teacher has to write what those "strnge grop of letirs" actually are supposed to be, but after some time it's sort of legible! You also learn how to read and told what nouns and verbs are.
* Shurikens : I didn't go to Ninja Kindergarten so I don't really know.

Then everything important you learn seeps out after 12 years of other(much less fun) schooling. It might have to do with actually paying attention, or something, but if people could actually pass kindergarten after grade 12, society would be a much better place.

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