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Comment Re:Ouya? Razer? (Score 1) 89 89

Tegra 3 in the Ouya is still faster than a Raspberry Pi 2. (RPi2 is faster than a Tegra 2 though)

My hope was they would release an update of Ouya with the Tegra K1. But that never happened. The SHIELD console has a Tegra X1, but the base unit costs twice what Ouya did, so it's a bit hard to justify the purchase. It's certainly more than twice the performance, but is it twice the fun?

Comment Re:I don't care anymore (Score 1) 151 151

Ads cut into corporate profits, they are an investment, when they pay off with more sales, they are a good investment. When everyone blocks the ads, then they are simply a drain on profits and ought to be eliminated or fixed. Companies are not likely to blindly pay for ads if they are projected to lose them money.

If you think not watching ads will make everything cheaper, that seems unlikely. But if you think not watching ads will get businesses to think of different ways to promote products and stop interrupting your day with their bullshit, that seems more feasible.

Comment Re: Likely misdemeanor mishandling of classified i (Score 1) 427 427

It isn't relevant because I don't accept them as an authoritative source. I take issue with much of their other videos on youtube, I watched about 1 minute of the Part I you linked. It's not really any different than what I've seen before.

Comment Re: Likely misdemeanor mishandling of classified i (Score 1) 427 427

If we collectively choose to use our vote to subvert the process, by placing anti-votes instead of votes. Then shame on us and we deserve the results. This is what happens when you use the wrong tool for the wrong job.

(that series didn't contribute to the discussion)

Comment Re:Likely misdemeanor mishandling of classified in (Score 1) 427 427

Well we don't get to vote for federal employees, only for elected offices. (hence the name)

The will of the voters should probably trump your perception of fairness.

That said, I would recommend that people not vote for a scofflaw as the leader of the free world.

Comment Re:Felons (Score 1) 427 427

No, you can technically be President and a felon. But to run for an election in most states you have to be eligible to vote, and felons are usually not eligible.

Hillary might be President before she is convicted, and then she can immediately pardon herself. That would force Congress to go through the motions of impeachment, and that process may not succeed depending on how controversial the Justice Department's case is viewed in the public eye. (yea, I'm pretty cynical these days)

Comment Re:what? (Score 1) 129 129

You continue to conflate morality with the ease of an access to a crime. "Morality is not the same thing as ease of access."

I never have. Nor have I mentioned morality as an issue here.

You have repeated ignored my opinion and substituted your belief of what my opinion actually is.

I sympathize with your frustration. Best we part ways before you project further.

Comment Re:what? (Score 1) 129 129

Yes, it's clear that you disagree with something. Not that you've been able to respond to any statements without more than a vague disagreement. If you don't want to answer the arguments, then I guess you don't have to respond. But please don't try to setup a strawman for me to attack, because I won't go for it.

Comment Re:what? (Score 2) 129 129

If you have a contractual arrangement to be paid for clicks or views, and you rip off the other party. It doesn't particularly matter how easy or difficult it is to accomplish the breach of contract. If they catch you, they can make a case against you.

Of course if you base your business around bad technology that is easy to trick, I totally agree you shouldn't be surprised if there is rampant abuse.

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