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Comment Re:Small != Cheap (Score 1) 146

A pretty big chunk of the development cost is the software. And software doesn't have much of a physical size. Often the small sized devices tend to have more constraints that require more careful (expensive) software development to pare the software down.

On the hardware side, buying components that are small size, packing more onto a board (increasing the number of layers), designing an on board antenna instead of buying a third party, tends to increase costs until you can have enough volume to drive the costs back down.

Comment Re:This kind of stuff is Exhibit #1 (Score 1) 282

it's not heresy to criticize and openly mock US culture in the US itself. Sure you'll be labeled a left-wing/progressive crank, but you'll still get paid and will still get on all the late night talk shows if you're a comedian or actor. The combination of fame and a general perception the celebrities aren't taken seriously on their political views makes them pretty safe from retribution.

I seem to have lost the thread of your original point, what was it?

Comment Re:This kind of stuff is Exhibit #1 (Score 1) 282

Do you honestly think that the Canadian government and media are outside of the influence of the US government? Sorry if it sounds paranoid, but two countries couldn't have closer economic, social and military ties than the US and Canada.

Feel free to consider Canada the borderlands where the Madness hasn't quite spread yet. But you couldn't be any closer to it than you are right now.

Comment Re:Give me a break (Score 1) 690

They had lots of different kinds of weapons during the revolution. And some educated people during the period would have known that rifling has been around since the 16th century, and around the same time of the revolutionary war the Queen Anne pistol became available and frequently included a rifled barrel.

If the framers thought that certain firearms were acceptable and certain ones were not, they would have specified that we can't own cannons or at least that we can't mount them on ships. And argued that that restriction is an anti-piracy measure, something very commonplace during that period. There were highwaymen and bandits during that period as well, to a degree that it was always of serious concern for travelers.

Can we all finally agree that people in the mid 18th century knew enough about technology around guns and human nature to have called out at least one exception to the right to bear arms?

But at this points the courts have re-interpreted it so many times that most of the Constitution is meaningless drivel. And the Legislature is unable to pass an amendment to correct the current interpretations of the 2nd amendment, one way or another.

All you have to do to stop guns is to pass a new amendment, baring that, I have a right to bear arms, and arms, without exception. Of course the police and courts will ignore all that, so don't try out my theory.

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