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Comment: Re:Double Irish (Score 2) 825

You're assuming companies must operate at a fixed profit level and have price setting powers--most do not.

Consider the opposite scenario--if we suddenly lowered corporate taxes to zero. Would corporations pass these savings along to consumers by lowering prices and increasing wages? Perhaps to some degree, but in a non-monopolistic market, prices are dictated more by supply, demand and competitive pressures. Companies may use the extra money to pay down long term debt, invest in property, plant & equipment or pay larger dividends. The interest rate and credit environment will have a large effect on what they decide to do.

The larger driver of wages is competition in the labor market. Companies will pay as little in wages as they are legally able to while still finding suitably skilled employees. Simply having more cash on hand is not an incentive for a company to raise its wages across the board.

Raising taxes on a profitable competitive corporation doesn't directly affect wages, it reduces their profits.

Comment: Re:Why does this seem fishy? (Score 3, Insightful) 178

by Orange Crush (#48148501) Attached to: Apple Releases CUPS 2.0
I not-uncommonly print event tickets, shipping labels and recipes from my phone and tablet (my phone or tablet display recipes fine, but I'll invariably spill something on them if I have them near me while cooking so I prefer something disposable). While I could always fire up the desktop, my smartphone is usually right at my fingertips. While it's not a very frequent use, mobile device printing is convenient enough that I appreciate having the feature.

Comment: Why preinstall? (Score 1) 427

What's the benefit of baking all these apps into the system partition? I've found that even after an OTA update, most have been replaced by newer versions in the data partition within a few weeks. Why not just provide the barest core apps and default to asking to download the rest? I vaguely remember Froyo or Gingerbread doing something similar.

Comment: Re:News for Nerds? (Score 4, Informative) 586

We have an incomplete description of this bronze plan. To qualify as an exchange-eligible plan, there will be a yearly out of pocket maximum after which insurance pays 100%. It's probably in the vicinity of $8k or so. It also must cover defined "preventative care" items 100% and those items are not subject to the deductible. The idea here is to get people to go to their doctors regularly in the hopes of catching issues early when they are the least expensive to treat. It's also intended to keep people who do have serious issues from being bankrupted by $100k and up medical bills.

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