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Comment Re:Agreed: It's WHY I coded this... apk (Score 1) 111

Thanks for reminding me that I wanted to ask for a feature: Could we make it so that we don't just browse at -/+ depending on poster but that we could also add keywords of posts we don't want to see? Like, just to pull a random example, I could set posts that contain "start64" at -5 so I would not have to see them?

That would really be awesome!

Comment That ship has sailed, ads are dead. You killed it! (Score 5, Insightful) 111

Before we get the whining from the ad peddlers: YOU killed your golden goose. Not us. YOU killed it off yourself with the proverbial greed that the story about the original goose conveys.

There were ads and we accepted them as part of the deal. They were non-intrusive and they didn't bother us too much. We thought "fair vs. fair" and didn't block them. Yes, there were always the ones that block anything and everything "on principle" but the majority of those that knew how to block didn't. And the others didn't block because, well, they had no idea how to.

Then ads got more obnoxious. Maybe because too few clicked them and you wanted more, more, MORE! They started to flash and cause seizures, they started to play loud music, they started to pop up, pop under, pop your eyes out. And people who knew how to block them got fed up enough to do so.

But it took even more effort on your part to be obnoxious invaders of our space to actually drive those that didn't know anything about blocking to find out about it. And that's something, you know? The average Joe Randomsurfer puts up with a lot. A LOT. Before the average computer illiterate starts asking his friend about his computer "being weird", it usually means that there are SO many browser addon bars installed that you can't even SEE the actual webpage anymore, and starting it means clicking away like a dozen or two windows popping up from some crapware he managed to step in. THAT is what he WILLINGLY puts up with! That does NOT bother him.

Do you have a FAINT idea just HOW MUCH you have to piss someone like this off for him to bother trying to find out how to block it???

And you did that. You managed to piss people off enough who put up with obnoxious browser plugins and on-start popups. That's a feat and a half.

And there is nothing, literally NOTHING you could possibly do to make them uninstall it. You can promise what you want, you can threaten how much you want, they don't give a shit. It takes a herculian effort to move them and get them to do anything, you will not get them to remove their blockers.

And you most certainly won't get anyone who at least has a remote idea of computers to do so either.

You cannot provide your content without ads? Ok. Shut down, the next one offering it is around the corner.

We don't need you. You needed us. You pissed us off. Now be a good little ad asshole and die already!

Comment Re:You really make it hard (Score 1) 308

Ok, then "trade a system that might have flaws for a system that is known to spy on you".


And, for the record, my "inflated sense of ability to secure a computer system" is paying my bills, btw. Apparently my boss and my customers agree that I can actually do it.

Comment Re:So start doing it covertly (Score 1) 166

Where's the money in that?

Sorry, but we do research for money, not to out bad guys. Yes, that's a nice side effect, but in the end, we want to monetize that shit. That means that my name has to be tacked to something like this. Your name next to a few cool and important security findings can easily mean a few 10k a year more money in your wallet.

I know that's not what people want to hear, but we don't just do this because we're the good guys and want to show how bad those bad apples in some industries are. That's fun, yes, but the profit part is being able to sign my name under it.

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