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Comment: Dear US law makers (Score 2) 120

by Opportunist (#49744363) Attached to: US Proposes Tighter Export Rules For Computer Security Tools

Your jurisdiction, unlike the traffic of the internet, is limited to your own country. And the countries you control. Which is a lot, I give you that, but by no stretch whatsoever it's all.

Also: Money trumps laws. Twice so if corporations are involved. If $evil_bastard_country wants to throw money at whoever sells them $supersecret_technology, corporations will not obey your law, they will race against each other to find the loophole. Which usually ends in the tech involved being developed abroad by those suspicious foreigners and then sold to the $evil_bastard_country.

The net effect for the US of such a ban is a loss of jobs, loss of knowledge and most of all valuable IT security information in the hands of whatever foreign country was smart enough not to be as stupid as you are, putting shackles on your own ITSEC industry.

Comment: Re:There's only one solution (Score 1) 215

Ya know, I wonder why them terrorists don't do that themselves. Why don't they blow up some nasty corporations instead of, say, subways and running events? They really suck at PR, do you have any idea what goodwill they could harvest if they blew up some corporate HQs?

Comment: Who needed it? (Score 2) 69

Seriously. NetUSB? On a router? WHY the devil would I want that?

But lemme guess: It was cheap to add, it was a feature that we can tack onto the "look, shiny!" list of things the router can do and people simply count down the "features" of a router whether they need them or even know what the fuck they are.

Meanwhile, it becomes near impossible to buy a router that is JUST THAT. A router. And in case you're wondering "hey, why would you want that when you can have $feature on top of it for FREE?", look no further than this exploit. Without the useless gadget that netUSB is, this exploit would not exist!

Comment: Re:America's War On Drugs is a Failure (Score 1) 110

by Opportunist (#49736839) Attached to: Silk Road's Leader Paid a Doctor To Help Keep Customers Safe

I'm with you, if, and only if, these people get that information (and I mean information, not the usual scaremongering drugs-are-baaaaad bullshit) to make an informed decision AND I don't get to pay for it if they make a wrong one.

That provided, I'm with you. All the way.

Comment: Security (Score 1) 298

Seriously. With every teenager having a cellphone, complete with picture cameras and basically a pocket computer, teach them to keep their security tight. What happens with their data. What happens when they take pictures of themselves. And that the internet never forgets. How to keep their data secure. How to avoid being taken advantage of. And what problems they will run into when something is being abused. And how to react to it.

It is about the thing that will have, invariably, no matter what profession they decide for, the one skill they WILL need in terms of technology.

How come financial advisors never seem to be as wealthy as they claim they'll make you?