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Comment Re:Reddit.... (Score 3, Informative) 474

The reason I post as AC (despite having an account) is that Slashdot is a pain in the ass to login to.


I bookmark the login page and when I click on it I get the login page with my username and password already filled in, courtesy of the password save function in Firefox.

Another click and I'm in. What's so hard about that? It even works when I'm traveling and just dipping in to Slashdot using a tablet.

Comment Re:Okaaay. (Score 1) 203

I burned my emails to a .pst and took a copy with me when I left an employer in the 2001 dot.com bust.

Unfortunately, since then my work is all Linux and I have never found a program which will properly read that .pst file.

You might want to find some other way of exporting the info.

Comment Not over the phone (Score 3, Interesting) 224

I wouldn't give out my email address over the phone.

This is because it is fairly long and easy to miss-spell.

Instead, I send an email to the bank, using their email address, and of course my correct addy is then available as Sender.

This step ensures we both know we are talking to each other.

This can only help if you are talking to a financial institution.

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