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Comment: Re:How does this work exactly? (Score 1) 28

by OolimPhon (#47579987) Attached to: New Display Technology Corrects For Vision Defects

Yep. I have different degrees of long-sightedness in each eye plus varying amounts of astigmatism. How is a gadget like this going to show each eye what it needs?

Since I'm already wearing glasses to drive with, my eyes would have to adapt again to view whatever this gadget is displaying. They're already doing that without spending money on the gadget. FAIL.

Comment: Re:I don't assemble computers. (Score 1) 391

by OolimPhon (#47572797) Attached to: How long ago did you last assemble a computer?

Cables for USB headers. Usually flat 4- or 5-pin connectors with no keys, although these days the 8- or 10-pin versions (2 USB ports) are (sometimes) keyed.

Plug one (or two) in the wrong way round, or worse, one of each, and I can tell you from experience it doesn't end well. Expensive, but not well.

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by OolimPhon (#47210757) Attached to: There's No Wind Chill On Mars

Mars' atmosphere is about 1.5 % of Earth's atmospheric density. It's around 20 mBar, or eight times too thin for sustaining life even if it was pure dioxygen. For all practical purposes it's near-vacuum. And vacuum makes for a very good thermal insulator.

Well, yes, but then the thin atmosphere doesn't interfere as much with radiative effects. If this were not so, Mars would be hot because of the continuous radiation input from the Sun, retained by the rock.

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by OolimPhon (#46745539) Attached to: Is Germany Raising a Generation of Illiterates?

English is a mish-mash of other languages, which also gives it more words than other languages. Its spelling and pronunciation are non-standard because most of those borrowed words retain part or all of their spelling or pronunciation from their native language. You even get words which retain spelling from their original language, but whose pronunciation gets shifted to a phonetic reading using rules from another language (e.g. niche = nitch instead of neesh).

In the US, maybe. In the UK, niche is pronounced the French way, ie neesh.

Comment: Re:Who? (Score 3, Funny) 162

by OolimPhon (#46524613) Attached to: Full-Disclosure Security List Suspended Indefinitely


I believe this was a result of your efforts,
And now Insiders are attacking the lists,
Amoung many other things - I have seen, heard and witnessed many IT 9-to-5ers, Unlike thy,
Whom are all whining now, about NSA hacking, Infiltrations, Etc. Its happening 10 fold.
Tell the world the truth before Anonymous is forced to: That you are still working with the NSA and you are a giant psyop.

Not a haiku!

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But you know what? I can TALK to my iPad. Writing's on the wall, vehicle makers. Speech is it, period, end of story, get on that, dammit.

You have obviously never driven any distance in a noisy vehicle.

And don't give me that crap about modern cars being quiet inside. Modern cars are a small percentage of the vehicles on the road. Try a van, a truck, a bus, a semi - how are you going to make yourself heard over all that noise?

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