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Comment Re:There's a reason Android is popular (Score 5, Insightful) 286

What is it then? Is it because it's an ad supported way for google to deliver ads to more people? I hope google dies. I do not want to see an ad supported future for the internet.

So what instead? Pay to visit sites? Or are you expecting sites to run on fairy dust?

Comment Odd version numbers (Score 3, Insightful) 378

My understanding is that the jump to 3.0 is simply that they no longer want to have the second digit even means stable and odd means unstable versioning any more. So rather than going to 2.7.0 and having everyone assume it's unstable or skipping 2.7.0 and going straight to 2.8.0 just to maintain an old and unused version system, they have went with 3.0.

Comment Re:Population density is a plausible cause. (Score 1) 274

The article says that the USA as a whole has a lower use of secured AP. So unless there are huge numbers of unsecured APs in the rural areas of America, the large cities (with their secured APs according to this theory) will swamp the results, yet that doesn't seem to have happened. Therefore I think population density isn't the major factor, and this is bore out by the fact that Sweden and Norway (countries with low density) can come higher than higher density countries.

The densities for the larger European countries are ordered: Netherlands, Belgium, UK, Germany. While those countries were high on the list, it cannot be all there is too it as Spain comes top.

PlayStation (Games)

Submission + - Sony gives away free HD-TVs at London PS3 launch

RogueyWon writes: "As reported by the BBC, Sony have accompanied the UK launch of the PS3 with a rather spectacular PR move, giving away free HD TVs to more than 100 gamers who had queued up for hours at the Virgin Megastore on London's Oxford Street. To top this off, Sony also paid for taxi rides home (hardly cheap in London), to avoid ugly scenes as the lucky customers carried their expensive toys across the city. The move, reported to have cost Sony £250,000, certainly seems to have gone down well with the beneficiaries. With a price-tag significantly higher in Europe than in the rest of the world, the coming weeks will tell whether other UK gamers will be as enthusiastic."