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Comment Issues Surrounding DRM (Score 1) 369

As the buzzwords further proliferate within this industry, I have a subtle recommendation for you.

1. Implement a good role based administration system, say Kerberos with a Mysql Back end then use Samba to serve the windows boxes on your network, cheaper than Windows Server 2003 / 2008 and highly scaleable, you'll just have to figure somthing out for enforcing security policies from the directory side or use e-Dir from Novell.
2. Get said roles into a good documentation management solution
(Document management solutions are available from everyone, Microsoft; Novell (Suse), Xerox)

Find out which methods and processes work best for what type of media you are storing, a good example for projects and documents may be Wiki's with editing and administrative domains over trees run by the appropriate responsible parties.
Most of all do your Resarch, keep your management in the loop and use their input to guide you.

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