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Comment: Re:It's a free country (Score 1) 375

by OnlyJedi (#35187212) Attached to: Tech-Unfriendly Cafes Say No Kindles Allowed
The other point is that there is a happy medium between a shop being overrun by customers buying one coffee and staying for 3-4 hours, and the same shop banning all electronic devices, books, newspapers, and anything else that might keep customers in the store for longer. Your local Panera's seems to have found one such happy medium.

Comment: Re:Performance (Score 1) 459

by OnlyJedi (#34812128) Attached to: Why haven't you bought a tablet?
If you run Mac, you can get an iPad and use Plex. The desktop app is free, and the iPad/iPhone app is $5. It pretty much every video format and resolution on your desktop to a target resolution you set on the device (normally based on the device's resolution, though you can lower it for low bandwidth situations) and sends them over the network or internet. I've gotten 720p and 1080p mkvs playing on my first-gen iTouch, with various audio formats including DTS-EX, Dolby Digital, AAC, FLAC, MP3, etc. This only downside is, for the moment, that the mobile app doesn't allow audio or subtitle track selection. This is expected to be added soon though. I guess you might consider needing a separate server daemon running on your desktop a downside as well, but on the plus side the daemon can scrape your files and download metadata (without modifying the original files that is). There currently isn't a PC app for the media server, but that's coming soon in response to Plex's inclusion in the new LG TVs and Blu-ray players. Also coming is an Android app, which can open you options beyond the iPad.

Comment: Re:What's the appeal of those games? (Score 3, Insightful) 215

by OnlyJedi (#33917796) Attached to: Square Enix Attempting <em>Final Fantasy XIV</em> Damage Control

During the mid- to late- 90's I'd heartily agree; Square's RPGS were great in those days, and I still pick up Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VI from time to time. These days, their popularity is more due to leftover nostalgia and riding on the coattails of their classics. Which, if response the the latest two games is an indicator, may soon be running dry.

Comment: Re:Options (Score 1) 789

by OnlyJedi (#33213404) Attached to: I Wish My Car Had A...

Speak for yourself. I just want to get in my car, tell it where I want to go, and lean back while it drives me to my destination. Or if I end up somewhere without my car, I can't call it with my cell phone and ask it to meet me somewhere.

In other words, I want KITT...without all the fancy weapons and turbo boost. British accent optional.

Comment: Re:To bring the book industry into the 21st centur (Score 1) 223

by OnlyJedi (#32169508) Attached to: EA Introduces "Online Pass" To Get In On Used Games Market

It works for comic books and graphic novels. Many of them come out monthly or bimonthly, take about 15-30 minutes to read an issue, and have ongoing plot-lines. TV shows takes either 30 or 60 minutes to watch, come out weekly, and many of those (think Lost, 24, Fringe, etc) have ongoing plot-lines.

On a slightly related note, I finished GRR Martin's 4th ASoIaF book in two days, and have been waiting nearly five years for the 5th book. Which was originally the second half of the 4th book, but was split up because of size.

Still waiting, Mr. Martin...

Comment: Re:Advice, Dawg (Score 1) 842

by lena_10326 (#32150836) Attached to: How To Behave At a Software Company?

don't head out on the dot at 5pm most evenings

You essentially confessed you want your workers working overtime without compensation. Coming from the perspective of a worker that's really quite an offensive comment. Had you wrote "if you're often behind in your work don't head out on the dot at 5pm most evenings" then it'd have been no big deal.

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