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Comment: Doesn't have to pay off immediately (Score 1) 531

I don't think the first foray into space mining needs to be profitable. Just think of it as R&D for future space mining projects. Everything learned from the first trip could make later trips much more efficient and worthwhile. How profitable was landing on the moon?

One danger would be that a badly managed project could kill everyone's interest in future projects.

Comment: Re:Still not truly green (Score 2) 172

by OnionFighter (#39746051) Attached to: NASA Unveils Greenest Federal Building In the Nation

I read the papers (http://alpha.chem.umb.edu/chemistry/ch471/evans%20files/Net_Energy%20solar%20cells.pdf). They assume slightly below average conditions for a variety of different areas, and different types of cells. The worst scenario was still under five years for payback.

You keep stating "assuming constant peak utilisation according to the source." The source doesn't assume this.

Comment: Re:Yoda says.... (Score 1) 1069

by OnionFighter (#39601473) Attached to: EA Defends Itself Against Thousands of Anti-Gay Letters

if a person wants to mod their game or do whatever to enable it that's on them and I completely support that, but i don't think it should be forced on everyone, that's not really right.

You are correct, nobody should force you to play a game that has content you don't want to see. So who is forcing you to play this game?

Your Rights Online

+ - US asks scientists to censor reports to prevent te-> 1

Submitted by Meshach
Meshach (578918) writes "The United States is asking scientific journals publishing details about biomedical research to censor articles out of feat that terrorists could acquire the information. The panel cannot force the journals to censor their articles, but the editor of Science, Bruce Alberts, said the journal was taking the recommendations seriously and would most likely withhold some information. Are we heading for another rorschach-style cheat sheet being developed?"
Link to Original Source

+ - Software to Rate How Drastically Photos Are Retouc-> 1

Submitted by OnionFighter
OnionFighter (1569855) writes "From the Article:
"Dr. Farid and Eric Kee, a Ph.D. student in computer science at Dartmouth, are proposing a software tool for measuring how much fashion and beauty photos have been altered, a 1-to-5 scale that distinguishes the infinitesimal from the fantastic. Their research is being published this week in a scholarly journal, The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.""

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Comment: Re:He is going to regret this shit. (Score 2) 199

by OnionFighter (#37729820) Attached to: Hacking the Nissan Leaf EV

Deep cycle batteries are a type of lead-acid battery. The Leaf uses lithium-ion batteries, which behave very differently. Still, lithium-ion batteries should never be fully discharged, which may be a risk with his modifications.

Any program that measures charge is making a educated guess based on the past behavior of the battery. One of the people interviewed for the article states: “Until you can find out how much is really left in the batteries toward the end of its range, it’s just a guess-o-meter.” Any indicator of charge is making a guess. Perhaps his program is better at guessing, or maybe he just leaves less room for battery health, but any program that works to tell lithium-ion battery charge will have to take into account the discharge profile of that battery (which is non-linear when measured by voltage).

Comment: Re:May have caused revenue to go up. (Score 2) 349

by OnionFighter (#37416966) Attached to: Netflix To Lose 1 Million Subscribers

This is a great point. They can actually make more money off of the fewer customers. What they should actually be worried about is the perception of the loss and the apparent stock decrease it is causing.

Still, I think they could have managed this a lot better. I'm one of the people who canceled.

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