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Comment: Re:Progress (Score 1) 299

by Omniscient Lurker (#38473704) Attached to: NRC Approves New Nuclear Reactor Design

> *induced* fission

Engineers commonly use fission to refer to induced fission and decay to refer to spontaneous decay. I was merely commenting because AK Marc is (self-admittedly) using dictionary definitions and not the definitions that engineers use. The goal of my comment to was clarify what engineers mean when the say fission.

Comment: Re:Progress (Score 5, Informative) 299

by Omniscient Lurker (#38468880) Attached to: NRC Approves New Nuclear Reactor Design

Nuclear Engineering (student) here.

>The decay was an atom splitting into two smaller atoms and energy, which is fission.

Fission in the context of engineering refers to the use of neutrons to force atoms to split, not to naturally decaying isotopes.

>The question was of why would fukishima need active cooling when passive cooling is so "easy" to do.

Because it wasn't designed to use passive cooling. Passive cooling requires your reactor to be designed to facilitate it (all gen 3+ are designed like thisâ"I believe the NRC refuses to certify anything that is nonpassive). Passive cooling refers to not requiring power to run the coolant pumps or anything. The AP1000 is designed to using convection of steam inside the containment building to cool the reactor.

Comment: Re:Sea water for cooling? (Score 1) 280

by Omniscient Lurker (#36709272) Attached to: Millions of Jellyfish Invade Nuclear Reactors

The Shimane Nuclear Power Plant is a Boiling water reactor. This means it has two water loops in it. One is boiled by the reactor and turns a turbine. A second (probably from the sea in this case) is used to condense that steam and recycle it through the reactor. For any heat based power generation you need a final heat sink, usually the atmosphere (cooling towers) or a body of water for nuclear power plants; coal plants usually have an entirely open system and just go water source to air.

Most of Japan uses BWRs.

(I am a Nuclear Engineering Student)


US Embassy Categorizes Beijing Air Quality As 'Crazy Bad' 270

Posted by samzenpus
from the it-totally-sucks dept.
digitaldc writes "Pollution in Beijing was so bad Friday the US embassy, which has been independently monitoring air quality, ran out of conventional adjectives to describe it, at one point saying it was 'crazy bad.' The embassy later deleted the phrase, saying it was an 'incorrect' description and it would revise the language to use when the air quality index goes above 500, its highest point and a level considered hazardous for all people by US standards. The hazardous haze has forced schools to stop outdoor exercises, and health experts asked residents, especially those with respiratory problems, the elderly and children, to stay indoors."

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