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Submission China tries to get the UN to censor the net-> 1

Omnifarious writes: "China (along with other member nations) is trying to push a proposal through a little known UN agency called the International Telecommunications Union (aka ITU). This proposal contains a wide variety of problematic provisions that represent a huge power grab on the part of the UN, and a severe threat to a continued global and open Internet."
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Submission Wasteland II Kickstarter project now promises Linux support->

Omnifarious writes: "I was very interested in the Wasteland II Kickstarter project in the wake of the hugely successful Double Fine Adventure project. But I was disappointed upon reading their page to discover that they promised OS X support at $1.5M but no mention of Linux was made at all. But today I went back to look, and lo and behold, they've also promised Linux support if they reach $1.5M!"
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Submission GoDaddy makes statement in support of SOPA->

Omnifarious writes: "Apparently GoDaddy, a rather popular hosting and DNS registration company, supports SOPA, and is willing to file a statement in support of it with the House of Representativs. One wonders if they have any answer to the current numerous frivolous takedown notices and outright attempts at censorship that currently exist with the DMCA."
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