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Comment: Not too surprised.... (Score 1) 129

by Omineca (#49005205) Attached to: CrunchBang Linux Halts Development
After years of using Slackware, I installed Crunchbang on a netbook about 4 or 5 years ago. The decision was made because Crunchbang worked with the hardware, but I really enjoyed using it, and the community was/is great. Then the developer killed the XFCE version, which was far more usable than the OpenBox variant. At that point, I decided never to go with a one-man show again, and installed a minimal version of Debian. Given the size of the Debian development team, you don't have to worry about a single developer calling it quits and ending the project. In addition, as the Crunchbang dev noted, there's nothing in Crunchbang that you can't get from Debian.

Comment: Re:Sad state of modern technology ... (Score 1) 143

by Omineca (#39759631) Attached to: 30 Years of the TRS-80 Model 100
I was just thinking that the first one I ever saw (in real life, not in the radio shack catalog) belonged to a roommate who was a radio reporter. It was 1990, and there really was nothing that quite matched it even then. I was totally jealous. I couldn't find one and ended up buying a smith corona pwp-something or other... which you could haul around .... but it was bigger than briefcase size and single-purpose.

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