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Comment Re:Facebook (Score 1) 331

Oh, they do revolt, but not for long. FB has become their primary way of keeping track of family and close friends, most of whom are non-techies who they can't convince to move over to Google+, so they stay on FB. It's the ol' networking effect in action.

Comment Re:FCC=BS (Score 1) 350

Just out of curiosity, do you enforce this during the previews? I don't make or take calls in the theatre, but I do make notes during the previews about the upcoming movies I think I might be interested in. Once the previews end, the phone goes off, but cell phones nowadays aren't just phones, they are often our memory.

Submission + - Call to Arms: Automate FCC CALM Act Complaints ( 1

slaingod writes: After seeing the Aaron Swartz JSTOR Liberator [] I had the idea to build a website myself that eased the complaint process for loud commercials that violate the recently enacted CALM Act. However, when digging into the idea, a better one came to me, and though it is beyond my capacity to implement across the multiple platforms, I wanted to share the idea with the community in the hopes that we could make a difference. The idea is simple: Automate the complaint process in popular open source media center applications, such as MythTV, XBMC, or Plex plugins, with automatic flagging of commercials that are loud, along with the relevant metadata. A review process for the user would allow them to fill in the advertiser as the one non-automatable aspect, though this could theoretically be semi-automated by fingerprinting the commercials as well.

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