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Comment: Re:Fine, as long as I can delete them (Score 1) 427

When I got my Samsung Note 3 there were several shortcut icons that looked like pre-installed apps, but were really just shortcuts to where you could download the free app(s). That way the part that comes pre-installed is tiny (probably only a few kilobytes), just enough room for a URL and an icon. If they went that route, so that it looked like the apps were there, but didn't eat up storage space, then most people wouldn't have an issue.

Comment: Re:As someone who... (Score 1) 154

by Oliver Wendell Jones (#47134255) Attached to: Google To Close Its American Moto X Factory
I buy stuff from Hong Kong on ebay all the time - you can get items shipped from there for $0.00 - $0.99 shipping and handling - sure it takes 7-10 days to show up, but if they can ship that package 1/2 way around the world for $0.99, why does it cost $7.99 - $10.99 to get the same package shipped from 2-3 states away?

Comment: Re: Where's the outrage?! (Score 4, Insightful) 255

by Oliver Wendell Jones (#45548597) Attached to: CyanogenMod Installer Removed From Google Play Store
And there are ample anti-malware/anti-virus apps available for Android in the Play Store. I'm on my 4th Android phone and have installed all kinds of software, legit and less so, and have yet to encounter any malware or viruses. Know how many are available in the Apple iTunes store? Zero. If they allowed one to be listed, it would be admitting that their precious iPhones are vulnerable.

Comment: Re:about the same as my android (Score 1) 587

by Oliver Wendell Jones (#42844137) Attached to: Woz Says iPhone Features Are 'Behind'
If you root your phone and install an ad blocker (I use AdAway by Dominik Schürmann), then most of those "free apps w/ ads" become "free apps".

If it's an app I like, I'll usually pay the $1 (or more) to buy it - I've purchased over 50 apps through the Google Play Store - usually ones that were part of a $0.99 sale, but a few others that I use all the time, like Titanium Backup and CoPilot GPS because they were definitely worth more than the few dollars they cost.

Comment: Re:OK. Next? (Score 1) 588

by Oliver Wendell Jones (#42737801) Attached to: 64GB MS Surface Pro Only Has 23GB of Free Space
Then root the damn thing and un-install all that crap!

My first Android phone was the HTC Desire from US Cellular - it was actually a pretty decent phone, but they partitioned the memory and only allowed you access to a small partition - the rest contained the OS plus all of the bloatware that USC wanted on the phone - Myspace? Seriously? In 2011 you're still putting Myspace in the system partition where it can't be uninstalled?

Long story short - rooted it, repartitioned the storage area and installed a "stock without all the bloat + Apps2SD" ROM and after that it truly was a good phone.

I'm on a Samsung Galaxy S III now - rooted it right away and uninstalled (after backing up) any crappy bloatware I didn't want.

Comment: Re:It seems arrogant (Score 3, Informative) 134

by Oliver Wendell Jones (#42715619) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Free and Open Source Apps For Android?
Without knowing which app, we can't know for sure if it was pulled. The App Store filters (by default) apps based on whether they are compatible with your device(s) -- if you de-registered your old device and only have the new device registered,then incompatible apps will not be shown.

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