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Comment Re:Then what (Score 2) 37

This would work if the filter takes out more oil than it requires to wash it off. Oil sticks to polymer, other oil is attracted to the oil skin more than the water and the skin grows. Forced water overcomes the polymer bias. The resultant sludge is then treated like water polluted oil instead.

Comment Re: Poor example (Score 1) 437

Quoting you both times:

For your information in my country you must (by law) drive slowly when you are in a school zone, no matter if she is deactivated or not.

The school zones here CAN NOT be deactivated, period.

Perhaps now you can understand the poster's "interpretation difficulties" didn't start with him/her.

Comment Re:Well, that's embarrassing (Score 1) 617

As my ex father in law, a Professor Emeritus in theology used to say, "If all the splinters of the cross were assembled, the cross would have been too big to drag through the streets." As you said, forgers were plentiful and good at their craft. Usually it was just wood chunks and chicken bones, but this one was exemplary.

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