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Comment Re:The science is not settled (Score 1) 551

To rely on pedantry as an argument displays that you really don't have an argument.

Oxford Dictionary:
round: 2) shaped like or approximately like a sphere:

So yes, the Earth is round. And if you look it up, you'll find that *none* of the adjective definitions are technical in nature.

As for orbit, you yourself admit the pedantry.

You're conflating common and technical usage of words simply so you can criticize.

Comment Re:Caller ID Blocker (Score 3, Funny) 252

I have several games I play with them. One is to make myself sound very old with a feeble voice, forcing them to listen closer, then scream bloody murder. Another starts the same but I kite them along until they want an identification of some nature. Then I tell them "I can't remember, I'll get my credit card." This engenders the desire to wait. Then I quietly set the phone down and go about my business.

There are others, but those two are the most fun.

Comment Re:Sounds like a pretty good argument... (Score 1) 132

Let's decide what great education looks like, and fight to make sure EVERY child in this country has access. Let's not settle for letting a regressive state like Kansas hurt their kids with a bad education AND GET AWAY WITH IT.

Interesting that sentiment starts with "Let's" and then immediately paints another view as regressive and bad, then shouts a call to arms. Reminds me of the guy in the movies waving the torch and urging on the mob.

Comment Re:Bestridge (Score 1) 225

but the multiverse the chaos from which our universe differentiated though the function of life bound to our universe

Multiverse - nice fantasy. Anything derived from that idea is itself a fantasy.

We all have our fantasies. Mine I write about with words and others describe theirs with math. Both types remain fantasies.

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