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Comment: Re:Too bad it's a C++ library... (Score 2) 147

by OldFart58 (#45396737) Attached to: WxWidgets 3.0: First Major Release in Several Years

If it was a C library... well, you couldn't really take advantage of all of the advantages C++ has vs C especially when implementing a windowing UI / application framework - inheritance, polymorphism, etc. really make a difference. If you did that in raw C you'd have, well - pretty much what we had to use for programming to the Win16 (now Win32) API before Borland's OWL (Object Windows Library) made the scene (this is before MS ever came up with MFC) - opaque handles to this and that, breaking down and handling Windows messages, etc. It was very low-level stuff, tedious and prone to error.

If you're happy with a CURSES-like library, that's fine (I've done my share of that also with C on DEC platforms, back in the VT-100 days) - but for anything this side of Y2K, application frameworks and OOP are the way to go. wxWidgets is definitely a valid way to get a cross-platform (and cross-language... look at wxPython) GUI app out there and still keep what's left of your hair.

Disclaimer: I've been using wxWidgets (was wxWindows) creating apps for a Fortune 500 international since the early 2.0 days (mid-90's).

It's funny.  Laugh.

+ - Whitehouse.gov petition to create 'The Matrix'->

Submitted by OldFart58
OldFart58 (663547) writes "Remember the Death Star petition?

Well, now there's a petition to have the United States Cyber Command (USCYBERCOM) begin production of "The Matrix":

"By focusing our technical resources on production of a simulated reality or cyberspace (or "Matrix"), the government can ensure our country maintains its lead in cyber warfare by providing the ideal means to pacify and subdue the human population. In addition, in accordance with our green energy initiatives this will facilitate research into eventual use of human body heat and electrical activity as an energy source."

Is this the unavoidable outcome of today's perpetually escalating cyber warfare fixation, or just another way to keep the lights on once the oil runs out? Which pill will the White House choose?"

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The Almighty Buck

Activision Hit With $500m Suit From Modern Warfare 2 Devs 77

Posted by Soulskill
from the pow-right-in-the-kisser dept.
Dragoniz3r writes "Activision has been served a lawsuit from 38 plaintiffs, including present and former Infinity Ward employees, demanding up to half a billion dollars. The plaintiffs are seeking compensation for 'unpaid bonuses, royalties, profit-sharing, and future profits from games such as Modern Warfare 3, and punitive damages.'"

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