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Comment Re:Econ 101 (Score 1) 534

I was going for funny, but I probably deserve the off topic mods I'm getting.

I would have given you the funny mod if I had the points.

I'm rather fond of old Moo-Man, or Woman, as the case may be. Rising out of nowhere to make a goofy cow joke. As trolls go, this is the gentlest one out there. Moo person may take their place among slashdot classics like Beowulf clusters, insensitive clods, and others. Netcraft will confirm that.

Comment Re:Hipsters fight over limited supplies of juice (Score 1) 534

The reason is because of things like this, yes.

Quite bizzare. These cave dwellers in apartment have destroyed the market for big 4 wheel drive extended bed extended cab dually equipped pickup trucks?

No one is very likely to own one when they live in an urban apartment with no parking spaces available either. You see a lot of them around here though.

Or that a SmartCar is a failure because not many people in snowy rural areas own them?

Anti-EV slashdotters seem to think that unless a vehicle does all things, and is a true volkscar, that it is a failure. Or more likely don't like EV's, so come up with mighty ridiculous excuses that they won't work. There are a lot of different types of vehicles, and a lot of different people to buy them.

The Tesla and it's soon to be on the road cousins seem to be selling, seem to be stressing their recharging system availability because of that popularity, so I kinda doubt that apartment dwellers in NYC who don't have any vehicle at all are going to be able to dictate their success or failure, despite your wishes.

Comment Re: Talking to someone is mean now? (Score 1) 534

Come to think of it, its just millenials in general, let's keep nationality and race out of it.

It is a product of the millennial, who have been told their entire formative years that they are special little snowflakes, and no one is like them.

And they grew up to have wonder self esteem, that they are the single most important thing in the world.

NOw they have to0 come to grips with the real world, and they ain't tekin' it too well, you betchya.

Once upon a time, they'd would be called arrogant assholes.

Now they are just...... um.... ah hell.... Arrogant Assholes. People who think its a crime to disagree with them.

Comment Re:Hipsters fight over limited supplies of juice (Score 1) 534

Indeed. It's funny how the very same people that a are usually telling us that EVs are a failure, and now telling us that they are so popular there's not enough infrastructure to cope.

Nobody Buy's EV's anymore They're too darn popular. Apologies to the late great Yogi Berra

I suggest the real problem is that writers need a topic to write about. Whether there's a problem or not, it makes a click-worthy article to describe one.

Well, there's always women in STEM. Or systemd.

Comment Re:Hipsters fight over limited supplies of juice (Score 1) 534

Are you so sure "most people" have houses? I'm pretty sure "most people" live in apartment complexes where you just shift the charger unavailability problem. Unless you think waking up at 2am every night to go out and see if chargers are finally free is a great way to live.

Are you postulating that EV's are a failure because some people live in apartments?

Most people in my neck of the woods live in houses, or apartment complexes with parking lots.

People who liv ein areas where they have to look for a charger at 2 a.m. are probably going to be looking for any parking spot. That's a big reason why not so many people in big cities like New York don't have acar at all.

And despite all teh silly reasons that slashdotters come up with, thi sis going to happen.

an Apartment complex can decide they are going to put in charging stations in their lot. I suspect it will happen at upscale places first, and they'll advertise it as part of being upscale.

So what's next? Complaining that people won't be able to go out in the evening because they are charging their car?

Comment Re:Hipsters fight over limited supplies of juice (Score 1) 534

Absolutely. It is damn near impossible for an EV to go ten feet without needing charged. And nowhere, I tell you nowhere is there electric current. The goddamned Power companies hoard that stuiff and won' let anyone have any.

Whereas I can find gasoline every five feet, always thee, always inexpensive, and appproved by God.

Okay, now that I hve been as ridiculous as you, let's talk about5 this.

There is nothing standing in the way of electric charging ports in any parking lot that has electricity in it.

Topping off the car is nice and all, but most people have enough charge to get home.

But let's say they do need some charging.

Alaska already has electrical dispensers at meters and in lots. So no groundbreaking in that area.

And in parking lots these days, there are kiosks where you go to pay your fee, either via cash, or credit card. And they have apps for you to add more time if you need it. or even pay 100 percent via the app.

So now, we have electricity essentially there already in most cases, a distribution paradigm not a lot different than Alaska's battery/engine block heater system, a payment structure essentisally in place.

Seems to me that in the not too distant future, it's going to be a bigger pain in teh ass to get gasoline, than charging your EV.

Comment Re:Please, it is getting old.... (Score 1) 33

The updates to telemetry do not suddenly cause Windows to start sending information back to Microsoft. Only when the user has explicitly accepted CEIP (Customer Experience Improvement Program) will these updates have any effect on a system.

All you have to do is believe that bit of pie in the sky.

Comment Re:Somebody tell me... (Score 1) 534 hard would it be to transmit power to the cars through the roads?

Not very efficient at best, and I wouldn't be too surprised if ti would be an RFI problem.

When I was a kid, I used to wonder if big cars could be made like those little slot cars we used to play with.

I think the whole issue could be resolved by adding more charging ports.

Comment Re:Talking to someone is mean now? (Score 2) 534

>> Employees are calling and messaging each other, saying, 'I see you're fully charged, can you please move your car?'

Um...isn't this the way the world is supposed to work? Or is getting someone's attention and letting them know that it's time to move along now considered a microaggression?

You noticed that too. Until the demand issue is fixed, it seems like people are just working things out for themselves. After the number of charging ports rise, the problem will go away.

The entire story can Occam to some people hate EV's, and any negative spin - even ridiculous ones like this - will be applied and brayed out like the end of the world.

And everything is a microagression these days. Watch how pissed someone will be that I used "Occam" as a verb.

Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 1) 534

If you knew of the problem before you bought the car, and you still bought the car, then you're an idiot.

It's a simple supply and demand problem. It would be like running out of handicapped spaces, and you're pissed about the idiots who bought handicapped equipped vans.

When the fix is so simple, and can be monetized, and app driven as well, the amount of Slashsillieness applied is a bit funny.

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