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Comment: Re:Open source was never safer (Score 2) 512

by Ol Olsoc (#46762527) Attached to: How Does Heartbleed Alter the 'Open Source Is Safer' Discussion?

Closed source was always safer.

One word for you: Microsoft. Maybe two: Adobe.

THIS! It's funny how Microsoft has all the issues that they do, and yet when a problem shows up in anything else, the fanbois instantly ejaculate LOOK!! SEE???

Sorry kids, Windows has a many year legacy of needing constant security updates, way too many for you to be braying about this, as proof of the bankruptcy of FOSS.We get it, But Redmond products have a lead that will never be equaled.

Comment: Re:Why do people listen to her? (Score 1) 582

by Ol Olsoc (#46758631) Attached to: Jenny McCarthy: "I Am Not Anti-Vaccine'"

The problem is herd immunity.

If those people are within our "herd" and one of their kids gets infected with ebola-marburg-plague-mumps-pox, then they become a disease transmission vector to the rest of the herd.

And in that case, everyone who comes in contact with them becomes exposed to it and those who have not yet been immunized against ebola-marburg-plague-mumps-pox, run the risk of getting infected.

Now, if that was polio, you get crippled and paralyzed.

Agree 100 percent azav. I'm going to launce int a rant here soon, I just want yo to know it isn't directed at you.

Let's add whooping cough to that mix. About the time of McCartyism 2's height, I contracted Whooping cough as an adult. I have no proof of course, but I suspect that it was a herd immunity issue. Back when we were not batshit crazy and stupid, and relied on scientist for our science and not people who are famous for taking their clothes off and nothing else, we didn't need recurring pertussis vaccines. Now we do because foolish and stupid assholes listen to McCarthyism 2.

Folks, you do not want your child to contract whooping cough under any circumstances. The initial "cold" stage comes and goes pretty quickly, but the coughing fits - a little longer. Oh, and the fun begins.....

The couhh starts oddly enough at the bottom of a breathing cycle. You try to catch a breath, but it's a weird whooping sort of spasm. As you struggle to breathe, the world starts to go brown, red and squiggly. Several times I thought I bought the farm. fortunately, about the time I was blacking out, the spasms relaxed. Not all are as "lucky".

But allow McCarthyism to give you your marching orders, anti vaxxers, You'll be just as responsible as she is if your child dies from an easily preventable illness. In a world where Jenny McCarthy is respected and admired, and where researchers and scientists are reviled, you'll eventually reap the rewards of your stupidity.

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by Ol Olsoc (#46748631) Attached to: Is Germany Raising a Generation of Illiterates?

All foolishness aside, this does go to the fundamental purpose of language, both written and spoken. The purpose that the vast majority of society expects language to fulfill is to provide a medium for communication. Up to the early 20th century, words were spelled phonetically,

Even moreso, these young punks today are speaking a corruption and society destroying version of what they foolishly call "English"

Join hands with me folks, and offer this prayer, in the hopes that we can reverse the damage already done, and return us to the proper spelling and pronunciation of English

Fæder ure ðu ðe eart on heofenum

si ðin nama gehalgod to-becume ðin rice

geweore ðin willa on eorðan swa swa on heofenum.

Urne ge dæghwamlican hlaf syle us to-deag

and forgyf us ure gyltas

swa swa we forgifa urum gyltendum

ane ne gelæde ðu us on costnunge

ac alys us of yfle

The Lord's prayer, in correct old English, with proper spelling.

Comment: Re:u can rite any way u want (Score 2) 428

by Ol Olsoc (#46748509) Attached to: Is Germany Raising a Generation of Illiterates?

I'd like to see some guy run the marathon as fast as the wheelchair guys.

Anyway, same crap is happening here in Alberta, Canada. With math as well as reading "discover for yourself how numbers work".

My son many years ago, used that system. And despite all new things being evil, and how those rotten fscking kids mess up our lawns by their very existence, it works.

It just works. I was a little skeptical, but I was wrong. He had a short time where his spellings were odd. But he and his classmates were writing a lot. Then they shifted over to correct spelling. It gets people to write at the same time they are learning to read and learning to spell.

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by Ol Olsoc (#46741167) Attached to: IRS Misses XP Deadline, Pays Microsoft Millions For Patches

That's a pretty strong accusation. Other than, "I don't know anything about this government department, so I'll throw around a random accusation", do you have any actual evidence?

They don't need no stinkin evidence! They have truthieness

For example, how well do they handle paperwork compared to a typical insurance company? Personally, I find the IRS documents more straightforward and less confusing.

Bingo. I figure my taxes by myself every year, and the only confusing part to me is how some folks can't figure the paperwork out.And the same people who can't figure out the paperwork seem to be the biggest IRS haters.

How do they compare in cost to a typical payroll processor like ADP? They have about the same scale; according to because ADP is private and the IRS is public, ADP should have radically lower costs. Do they?

In short, just because they are big, that doesn't make them "inefficient".

Anyone who thinks that private industry is efficient, or at all ethical compared to the Government, has severe cognitive dissonance. Cites are in the daily news.

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by Ol Olsoc (#46739581) Attached to: The Case For a Safer Smartphone

I'm fairly surprised that people who are so anti "distractions" via cell phones (even when stopped) claim it's such a huge distraction, that they overlook climate control and stereos as the number one fiddled with while driving "distraction".

So do you stare at the air conditioner or stereo for minutes at a time?

If you've watched a person who is texting while driving that isn't how it works. They start by picking up the phone, and hold it near the hub of the steering wheel. They read the text. Then after about 5 seconds have passed they look up briefly to see what is happening on the road. Then its back to looking at the phone. Then they reply. So they are now really concentrating on that phone and not the road. Perhaps their intentions are good, but that half second scan of the traffic can get extented to 8-9 seconds apart. And that is when they start rear ending people, running redlights, and running over curbs and instaswitching lanes.

I see it every day on my local highways. And trying to defend TWD is like trying to defend Jerry Sandusky because, "Hey - he did some good for those kids he was boning".

People have various punishments for TWD'ers, from jail time to taking their licence. All you have to do is take the most important thing in their life. It isn't their freedom or their families. It's that little smartphone that has become more important to them than life itself.

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by Ol Olsoc (#46734171) Attached to: Michael Bloomberg: You Can't Teach a Coal Miner To Code

Of course not all coal miners will want to be coders, but why can't you teach a coal miner to code?

You can attempt to teach them. And some probably will learn. Some won't, some will learn, but decide they want nothing to do with it.

Just like any other group of people. Just like workers at McDonalds, or even dare I say, young women, who are at present a target of coder efforts. Some can, some can't, some can but won't.

Deciding that someone is stupid or incapable of learning because of the job they presently hold is foolish.

Knowing that some people are not capable of performing certain jobs bacause of intelligence, or temperament is not foolish.

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by Ol Olsoc (#46731539) Attached to: The New 'One Microsoft' Is Finally Poised For the Future

I have listened to management for 20 years demand that "It should be a windows solution" when really the solution should be looked at and choices made based on the merits of the job at hand.

THIS! And just when I'm out of mod points. Someone mod this guy up and get it to 5.

I don't hate Microsoft, I also do not believe that every answer should be to use a Microsoft product. If a tool is a tool then join me and give Linux a try, otherwise you are the one who is not "in the position to speak from knowledge on the subject"

I've spent way too much time on the front lines, trying to fix microsoft fuckups with incredible meeting burn rates to not hate them. After-Patch Tuesday Wednesdays were like being waterboarded some times.

But yes, people should use the best tool for the job. Way too often any more, it is not a Redmond OS product.

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by Ol Olsoc (#46731507) Attached to: The New 'One Microsoft' Is Finally Poised For the Future

I would have thought they'd want a kernel optimized for small devices driving the phones and a different one for desktops. Maybe have them implement the same API. But isn't the kernel something you'd want optimized for the device family?

Yep, that's pretty much what most of us folks who weren't dopes thought.

Which has a rather big part in why W8 is the best failure since Vista.

I for one, plan on waiting a long, long time before I run any Microsoft OS. They've used the abusive spouse model for way too long.

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