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Comment Re:It's a Big Universe (Score 1) 110

I'm no mathemologist but, if something is 99.99999%, I believe that means we should expect to find 1 instance in 10,000,000 samples. So should we consider it odd if we actually find 1 within the first 1,000 samples? It's not impossible but it's probably something like 99.99% unlikely.

Comment Re:Not much and nothing? (Score 1) 370

Of course we are using less here (Japan) already. Lights are off in the office most of the day, train schedules have been cut back to about 80% of normal, etc. Summer is going to be pretty intolerable if we can't use air-con. But just look at the disparity the parent points out. There's no way any reasonable amount of behavioral change is going to make up that difference.

Yes, we should use 'green' power sources as much as possible but it's not going to be enough. For the foreseeable future, we will need to make a choice between nuclear and fossil fuels or a mix of both. To suggest otherwise is not radical, it's just wrong.

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