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+ - US Phone companies provided call metadata VOLUNTARILY for 4 years 2

Submitted by Bruce66423
Bruce66423 (1678196) writes "According to http://www.washingtonpost.com/investigations/us-surveillance-architecture-includes-collection-of-revealing-internet-phone-metadata/2013/06/15/e9bf004a-d511-11e2-b05f-3ea3f0e7bb5a_story_1.html p.2
the Bush administration,took “bulk metadata” from the phone companies under voluntary agreements for more than four years after 9/11 until a court agreed they could have it compulsorily."

+ - $58-$120 Personal Home Wind Generator->

Submitted by
corigo writes "A Vietnamese scientist and accidental inventor, Dang Huu Xuong, has developed a vertical wind powered turbine that generates 50-100 Watts of power. Built out of a standard 50 gallon oil drum he is already selling them to homes and business for less than $120 each.

How long until the power companies silence this next great hope of the masses?"

Link to Original Source
Internet Explorer

+ - IE7 and FF 2.0 share vulnerability

Submitted by hcmtnbiker
hcmtnbiker (925661) writes "Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 2.0 share a logic flaw. The issue is actually more severe, as the two versions of the Microsoft and Mozilla browsers are not the only ones affected. The vulnerability impacts Internet Explorer 5.01, Internet Explorer 6 and Internet Explorer 7, and Firefox "In all modern browsers, form fields (used to upload user-specified files to a remote server) enjoy some added protection meant to prevent scripts from arbitrarily choosing local files to be sent, and automatically submitting the form without user knowledge. For example, ".value" parameter cannot be set or changed, and any changes to .type reset the contents of the field," said Michal Zalewski, the person that discovered the IE7 flaw. There are Proof of concepts for both IE7 and firefox"

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