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Comment: Re:I've never understood why they fight this... (Score 4, Funny) 315

by Oink (#33520288) Attached to: IOS 4.1 Jailbroken Already

How did this get marked as interesting? It's a basic logical fallacy. Precisely *because* they spent all their money on an iphone, they can no longer afford apps. It's the whole butter or guns argument.

The same response can be levied against one who asks how it is we can go to the moon, yet not cure the common cold.

Comment: Re:not for balloons, this has real impact (Score 1) 475

by Oink (#33344242) Attached to: Why the World Is Running Out of Helium

If you're spending that much on it, you should really invest in a Pulse Tube Refrigerator. See We use one. They're $40,000 up front, but they have two stages that can pull up to 1.5W @ 4.2K (or 0W @ 2.8K), and 40W @45K. They make things simpler and they pay for themselves in just a couple of years. Also, the convenience itself is just phenomenal.

Comment: Re:Special case (Score 1) 711

by Oink (#33288094) Attached to: A Million Kids Misdiagnosed with ADHD?

I'm a very similar, yet not so special case. I was misdiagnosed as being bipolar, when really it was a mixture of ADHD and then guilt from not being able to do my homework. I dropped out of high school, got my GED, and I am now 29 and also finishing up my Ph.D. in physics. About three years ago I was finally diagnosed with ADHD after my significant other pointed out a lot of ADHD-like behaviors that I simply took as quirks. Getting here hasn't been easy, but having medication now has completely changed my life. When it comes to certain types of tasks that were easy to get distracted from, I could maybe get two to three hours of work done out of an eight hour work day. Now it's more like seven. I'm infinitely more happy and satisified with my life now, since I'm not convinced that I'm just a lazy SOB for no reason.

I still get very emotional thinking about it, and I realize that my life would be very different had I been diagnosed sooner.

Comment: Re:Doesn't really matter what *WE* think, does it? (Score 2, Insightful) 412

by Oink (#26280617) Attached to: Wikipedia Almost Reaches $6 Million Target

I think that idea is a little naive. If a newspaper's biggest advertiser is getting poor press (or perhaps poor reviews of its products), you better bet they're going to try and flex that leverage. If they can't go to the editor, they'll go to the investors with threats of pulling their ad money. The fact that there is that fear that money will disappear is always going to be a useful bargaining tool. A little less for a non-profit, but still..

Also, it needn't be overt.

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