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Comment: Re:History of the cone icon? (Score 2) 85

by OhSoLaMeow (#49149085) Attached to: VLC Gets First Major Cross-Platform Release

Why does VLC use an orange traffic cone for its icon? It has always seemed misplaced to me.

On the wiki page for VLC:

The cone icon used in VLC is a reference to the traffic cones collected by École Centrale's Networking Students' Association.[12] The cone icon design was changed from a hand drawn low resolution icon[13] to a higher resolution CGI-rendered version in 2006, illustrated by Richard Øiestad.[14]

Comment: Re:Just checking the date. (Score 2) 55

by OhSoLaMeow (#49077515) Attached to: Apple Patents Head-Mounted iPhone

How the heck does it take 7 years to approve a patent, especially when the approval decisions are of such low quality.

You must not have tried to apply for any patents. I'm still being awarded patents for work I did with my previous employer whom I left 7 years ago The patent application date was in 2004.

Comment: Re:So to cicumvent the screen locker... (Score 1) 375

by OhSoLaMeow (#48927427) Attached to: Why Screen Lockers On X11 Cannot Be Secure

Reminds me of my university days...

When someone walked away for an extended period without locking their terminal, one of us would sneak over and do a quick 'xhost +' and then wait for them to come back.

Once they sit down and start working again, we would run 2 dozen copies of neko on their terminal, resulting in a mass of little animated kittens chasing their mouse cursor.

Ah, the lost days of innocent fun.

We'd run `xset s 1` so that the screen saver would kick in after one second of inactivity.

Comment: Re:Obligatory Joke (Score 2) 60

by OhSoLaMeow (#48879571) Attached to: The Untold Story of the Invention of the Game Cartridge

We'd probably have records with twenty parallel grooves and reading heads with 40 or more needles.

I'm an old fart. I worked on a Burroughs B3500 back in the 70s. The "Disk Module" was a 10MB cabinet about 4 ft by 4ft by 2ft. It had 4 platters and there was one head per track. Seek time was non-existent but rotational delay was a bitch.

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